Your Birth Number Forecast for October 13 – November 13, 2013

Your Birth Number Reveals Your Natural Gifts

Your Birth Number describes your natural gifts. It propels you on your life path and guides you toward your destiny. October 13 through November 13, 2013 is a really potent time when there will be revelations that will impact your life throughout the next two years.

Your Birth Number consists of adding together the numbers of the date of your birth. You then add those numbers together until you reach a number between 1 – 9.

Example: 2-14-1988 is 2+1+4+1+9+8+8 = 33 (3 + 3) = 6. This person’s Birth Number is 6.

Calculate your Birth Number to determine your special days for October 13 through November 13.

Birth Number 1

Your positive attitude serves you well on October 21. Take care to communicate clearly. Use your passion for living on a healthy planet to make important changes on October 30. Then, on November 2, plan a romantic afternoon and evening. How about a concert or walk along the beach? Let all these experiences inspire you and your creative efforts on November 11.

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Birth Number 2

October 13 is a great day to show your lover how you admire their independent thinking and unique qualities. Then make efforts to enhance your health on October 22 for energetic breakthroughs. October 31 is a high-energy day. Just stay balanced and you’ll do well. Focus on your spiritual health and you’ll create an inspiring day on November 3. Your love and desire for harmony create a positive flow on November 12.

Birth Number 3

Your creative project is near completion on October 14, so give it one more day to come together. Dream time is inspired time on the night of October 23. Keep a note pad next to the bed to record wonderful insights. That foggy feeling will disappear later in the day on November 4, but wait a day or two before acting on emotional experiences. November 13 is full of excitement, so use that energy to do creative meditation on future hopes and dreams.

Birth Number 4

Your recent confusion is passing so say exactly how you feel, but say it with love on October 15. Then, share your insights on October 24 for mutual healing with someone special. You’ll be so glad you did. Slow down and take a breath on November 5 when excitement and energy are high. Give yourself time to take the best action possible.

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Birth Number 5

You’re feeling fiery and sexy on October 16, so channel that energy into creating something beautiful, whether it’s you for an evening out or another artistic expression. Don’t be shy about communications on October 25. You’re feeling positive so share your enthusiasm for success. November 6 could be a great day. You’ll be feeling harmony between your thoughts and emotions and you’ll ride the wave of any changes taking place.

Birth Number 6

The air is charged on October 17. That can be good or bad, so use your ability to make everyone feel more settled and comfortable when facing the future. Relax and let those life plans you’ve been making take form on October 26. You recognize what needs to be done, even though people around you will be nervous, sensing that change is in the air on November 7. Be your steady self and things will still run smoothly.

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Birth Number 7

The October 18 Lunar Eclipse is your day. It opens your mind up to new ideas and you have a strong urge to shake things up. Just wait until the next day to take action to have the most impact. Challenges provoke you to come up with a great, innovative solution to problems on October 27. You’ve been working hard, so take time to go out on the evening of November 8, enjoying the natural beauty around you.

Birthday Number 8

October 19 is an intense day when you’ll be feeling your sexiest and most energetic, so make the most of it. You are thinking about righting old wrongs on October 28 and you may succeed. Partner with a smart, politically astute female to get this done. Then, direct your energies toward low-impact exercise or jot down those flashes of inspiration for future use on November 9.

Birthday Number 9

Your generosity and wisdom could bring you a windfall on October 20. Then on October 29 you are working with a deep well of pent-up energy. Take time to examine what drives you and you’ll heal and grow. You’ll be feeling a little edgy on November 1. Focus that energy for a great evening. November 10 is a good day to relax and sort through thoughts for important communications tomorrow.

60 thoughts on “Your Birth Number Forecast for October 13 – November 13, 2013

  1. Benita

    Will my x-husband come back to me or is it time to move on. Will My money problems be over soon. My birthday is 9-6-1965

  2. Antoinette

    I would like to meet a man in my life. After my sickness, everything stop in my life , can you tell me when will I meet someone.

  3. mandeep kumar

    Hi my date of birth is 27-01-1983 could you please tell me whats wrong with me i always work hard to earn life means money but still not able to find the way and also i m not married yet please tell me the way

  4. Maryann

    N all this info maye releif what i have a head of me not gonna be rasy but some thing i have to do no more holding back thx u

  5. Amit Kumar Bhattacharya

    I have planned for a mission , which is the only last desire. On 22nd September, i had an face to face interview ( for my mission to take up the journey)and was told that , i can confirm my ticket. But surprisingly, after next two (2) days , they said it is under administrative Processing and may take 2 to 8 weeks .
    It is almost three weeks now and a long holiday for the authority.
    i am extremely disturbed.
    Kindly let me know the outcome.
    Warm regards,
    Amit. k. Bhattacharya

  6. Suzanne

    How many people can say they truly know what true love is? I can say I do when you find that you will never find any thing that will satisfy you like that and when you loose it you will always want it back but you will never be able to find that love again there is only one true love in a persons life so when you find it hold on to it if you can if not then you will always be looking but you want find any thing that will satisfy you like that one person

  7. Bella

    I’m normally a #(7) however #(8) applies more 2 my own personal stuff going on RIGHT now in my own life & on the / my political forum / future YES my / the tide has turned & yes ITS changed .. In my professional life but NOT in my own personal LOVE life .. OR AT LEAST NOT YET lol lol but , Thank you Bella … 🙂 😉

  8. Neil

    My birth date is 3-11-1958, which comes out to 3+1+1+1+9+5+8= 28. 2+8+10, so what is my birth number since the chart only goes up to 9 ??

  9. Jackie

    I don’t understand why regular Psychic consider only from 1/ 9 but they forget 11* 22* 33.These are known as master #’s & their meaning is very differnt if reducd to 2* 4*6
    People w/ths master #’s are highst in wisdom/knowledge
    should be consider as it is11* 22* 33 Mster N#’s.

  10. Shirley L Fields

    Birthdate is 12/10/37 or 38. What do you see in term of money, love and health for me in
    the this year and next?

  11. Jackie

    I really do not understand why the regular Psychic only consider from 1 to 9 (Birthday Numbers), but always forget to “11” – “22” – “33”. These results are known as master numbers and their meaning is very different if these are reduced:
    11 is reduced to 2
    22 is reduced to 4
    33 is reduced to 6

    The people who have these master numbers their levels in wisdom and knowledge are highest and their destiny number should be consider as it is:
    11 – 22- 33 Master Numbers –

  12. Cecilia Black

    well! now, I ‘m almost stunned , it is not believable . I have been so negative. At first I did not realize how important it is to be positive. Now after all these years, I can see why. I have won the pchlotto . I had faith that I could do this. under neath I was afraid of it but than i had some nice people pulling for me. I did it I knew that somewhere in there I was strong. some people came to my aid and helped me. now I cannot give the the proper thanks individually , but my heart is full of thanks for them. Some of them are so close to me. I love them all. Just call me the Love Goddess . I’m however; still looking for my soul mate. That’s rite .I have so much love to give someone special. I’ll know him when i see him. it is a miracle for me. Let me say which song that is. they sang it on a video.Hello is it me you are looking for. Lyionel Richie. One never get too old to give true love. One can have all of the wealth in the world, but if there is no love there is nothing . and another thing- the person’s age has nothing to do with love. Look how old God is. He is ageless.

  13. Brenda Lee

    I am a strong believer in astrology and the mystics….I myself do see and can communicate with spirits but they always leave when I acknowledge them…I have been through absolute hell and total destruction lastcouple of years…Body severely damaged internaly ad spine and discs and neck due to years of physical abuse and hard labor….I’ve been trying to get help to get schooling fighting with doctors and the government….doc screwedup my surjury in march have been bleeding and hurting a lot…no income for 5 months…sons helping me….applying for work no luck no help so far from government….wuld love a reading from you but don’t have a dime to my name nor access to a credit card.

  14. MARIA Butler

    i added the numbers and it totaled 37 then added 3 plus 7 and got 0 what would my number be date of birth 6/27/2948

  15. makachi chimusaru

    My birth number seems to be 10, unless there is something wrong with my addition..My birth date is 8/20/1962. If I add 8+2+0+1+9+6+2=28….( 2+8=10) So my birth # is 10. Do I count somewhere??

  16. Elpedio M. Sarigumba

    How about the 3+7=10 and there’s no number 10 like my daughters birthday is-Aug. 12, 1997 the result is 37 so 3+7=10

  17. Elpedio M. Sarigumba

    Aug. 12, 1997. 8+1=9, 9+2=11, 11+1=12, 12+9=21, 21+9=30, 30+7=37 93+7=0) and there’s no number 0…What’s number og my daughter?


    I realy enjoy your articles,Ifind them to be very instructional for a person like me who has no knowledge of numerology.Thank you

  19. Jamsheed Baksh

    Good Morning,
    What a great job you are doing, I dont now if you could help me or advice me as to how going forward in my future what is my bith day 04-14-1956. I am not working for two years I am praying hard ewvery day an nothing happen to happy.Please help me I need it .

    God Bless
    Jamsheed Baksh


    I have no idea if my comment was sent. But I will repeat it just in case. My birthdate is 6-27-1948, which ads up to 37 which in turn is 10, and there is no advice for that number. Any reason for this?


    My number adds up to 10 and there is no advice for that number. My birthdate is 6-27-1948 = 37 = 10. Is there some reason for this?

  22. Verta Rose

    My first reading with California Psychics was so off the mark, I am still trying to understand why. So why should I pay 1 cent for another reading, when the first has cost me money with no positive results? What is confusing me is why the reading I received from the “highly advertised California Psychics” has proven to be worthless. Can you answer that and then maybe I will give the California Psychics another call.


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