Shoo Away Bad Vibes

There’s nothing worse than a day filled with bad vibes. When negative energy or thoughts enter your personal playing field, it’s highly uncomfortable and undesirable. Yet you don’t have to live with it until the bad energy settles.

The good news is that the only tool you really need to shoo away bad vibes is your mind! Your brain is the link between your consciousness and your energy field or aura, and since your energy field interacts directly with basic material of the Universe, a simple shift in your beliefs or expectations can actually alter your experience. In the case of bad vibes, believing is seeing, rather than the other way around.

Take a trip
So the next time you’re in the middle of a stressful meeting, wishing you could duck under the table to avoid getting hit by the perilous negative energy blasting around the room, take a moment to imagine you’re on a boat surrounded by a vast ocean full of colorful fish, or lying in the warm sun in a field of fragrant flowers.

If you can really get into it, even briefly, you will cause positive changes in your energy field or aura, and in your body chemistry. Those changes will shut out the negative vibes, shift your perspective and change your attitude. Plus, you can increase the impact of your imaginings exponentially by adding sound, taste, touch and smell. Each sense activates different parts of your brain and increases the visualization’s effectiveness.

Quick and not so dirty
Psychics, healers and others who work with energy have developed thousands of techniques and visualizations to clear out excess or negative energy whenever necessary. Here are some quick and easy bad vibe busters:

To clear your energy, try three long, slow, deep and quiet breaths, breathing clear white light in through your nose and exhaling negativity through your mouth. If you need to calm down, imagine breathing in and surrounding yourself with summer sky blue light. If clarity would help you along with the strength to stand your ground, try sunshine colored light. Or, imagine you are holding a huge 4th of July sparkler over your head. Now, see the sparks cascading through your energy field, and hear the sizzle and smell the burn as the sparks eliminate patches of negativity.

Preserve and protect
To keep negative energy from getting to you, see yourself in an egg-shaped cocoon of light, and then picture the egg encased in outward-facing mirrors. Or imagine yourself standing in a column of white light which stretches into infinity above and below you.

If you are standing next to someone with bad energy, say this mantra in your head: “All the energy you project is immediately neutralized. I automatically heal (or neutralize) and return any negative energy I receive from you.” Try it in a business meeting – it really works!

More energy enhancers
In addition to visualization, there are many techniques, even when used at a beginner’s level that can enhance the power of your energy saving visualization. Singing, chanting, toning, wind chimes and bells will help add fun to the technique while clearing the space.

A shower is a great way to clear yourself of bad feelings after an emotional blowup. A soothing soak is terrific, and a shower can be even more effective for clearing your energy field of negativity. Use soap that has an essential oil like tea tree or eucalyptus or citrus and you’ll awaken your sense of smell, plus the astringent properties will spruce up your energy even more.

Smoke from a smudge stick or incense is particularly useful for clearing rooms. If you use plant-based resins or essential oils, or high quality plant based incense, you add another dimension. Essential oils and plant resins connect to specific areas of your brain to trigger powerful energy responses that add depth and dimension to healing and clearing. You can burn purifiers like desert sage or myrrh, and then bless the cleared space with a sweetener like lavender, frankincense or sweet grass.

The truth is, the best way to keep negativity out of your life is to cultivate contentment. When you’re in a steady state of well being, there’s nothing for negative energy to hook on to – as a matter of fact, that’s probably why troubles and petty annoyances come in clusters. If one big hit knocks you off kilter, then a swarm of others suddenly find you an easy target till you’re centered again. But with this handy starter kit of visualizations and enhancements, you can get back in balance in no time. And once you’re balanced again, get back to working on your overall essence and contentment. Good luck!

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