Self-Discovery and the Benefits of Meditation

Self-Discovery and the Benefits of Meditation

Anchor Yourself

The ancient art of being still, meditation can seem unproductive or even intimidating to the average person. However, there are many benefits of meditation, and you’ll experience them if you just take a few minutes every day to sit quietly. From stress management and clearer thinking to discovering insights you never know you had, when you quiet the chatter in your head you connect with yourself at your core. Need more benefits of meditation? Here are four more to consider. Find your true north and discover a more authentic you with a beneficial, regular meditation practice.

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1. Grounding
One of the benefits of meditation is its grounding effect. It’s not easy to sit quietly—that’s the challenge of meditation. As you practice learning how to ground yourself by quieting your mind, you’ll achieve a greater ability to focus in your everyday life. Meditation isn’t about keeping yourself from thinking; that’s impossible. Instead, meditation helps you push your thoughts away, without judgments or emotions attached to them. If you can teach yourself to do this while meditation, you can ground yourself at other times in your life too. Think of a tree with deep roots. Each time you practice meditation, your roots get a bit deeper. They anchor you and keep you sturdy so your branches can reach for the sky and your tunk can grow tall. Like this tree, you will be able to bend in the wind without breaking.

2. Emotional Release
You may find that you’re so busy throughout that the day that you don’t have time to sit with your emotions. However, when you meditate you can use that time to process your emotions and release them. You never know what’s brewing below the surface until you allow it to come forward. Meditation gives you the gift of deep feeling and it enables you to understand your inner life.

3. Self-Awareness
As you meditate, you might notice where your mind wanders—without judgment, of course—which can take you on a journey toward self-awareness. This is another of the benefits of meditation. If your to-do list keeps repeating in your brain, notice that. If you can’t stop admonishing yourself for repeating your to-do list when you’re “supposed” to be meditating, notice that, too. Meditation also gives you the opportunity to discover how comfortable you are with yourself when you are quiet and alone. Typically, those who resist this practice the most are the ones who really, truly need it.

4. Self-Control
The ability to sit and “do nothing” is certainly difficult. In this way, meditation helps you practice self-control. Keeping yourself in your spot, unmoving and quiet, is good practice for exercising restraint in your daily life. Perhaps you’ll soon find yourself thinking before you speak, or at least pausing or taking a deep breath when life greets you with a challenge.

Meditation teaches you where you’re at and helps you figure out where you’re able to go.

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    I need clarity i need to love myself believe in myself and have peace with myself. One i have peace everything will fall into place. Just need to work on it. C


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