Psychic Q&A: Dating a Younger Man

Psychic Q&A: Dating a Younger Man

He Takes Advantage of Her and More

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Dear Kallista,

I’m 50 years old and I’ve been dating a younger man. His name is Jesse and he’s 27. We have had major issues. He lies, he steals, he cheats, and he abuses me. I’m afraid of him when he gets overly angry. However, I can’t seem to stop loving him. Even when I try to stay away, I always end up letting him back into my life. I can’t prove that he cheated on me, but my gut is telling me he did. I would like to know if he really loves me or not. Is he just using me? Will he ever change? I want him to go to work, make money, and provide for me. I want him to be honest. What do you see for us?

Renae C.

Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

Dear Renae,

In the beginning, Jesse was proud that you chose him, for at the start he wasn’t sure you’d be open to dating a younger man. He felt lucky to win you, for you were, and are, very loving. Sadly, as you’ve discovered, he also felt he could take advantage of your love, and he has. You are worried that he will continue to lie to you, steal from you, cheat on you, and abuse you. I know it’s painful to hear it, but you are right—he will.

While dating a younger man has had its rewards for you, at least at the start, you’re seeing that it’s more than mere immaturity and selfishness that’s driving his horrible behavior. You are seeing his need to control you—by any means he can. Please be aware that he has it in mind to steal from you again. I don’t like saying it, but you have a reason to be afraid of his anger. All too easily his verbal abuse can turn physical. You recognize that you need to leave him, and you’ve tried to do so. But he is a classic abuser in that he can be very sweet with you to lure you back in after yet another blowup.

Your gut is telling you the truth; he is cheating on you. He runs between you and her—all to please himself. It wouldn’t do any good to try to get him to admit it. He’ll only lie, and whenever he feels provoked, there’s the danger of him flying into a rage. Please keep yourself safe.

You hope he will change, but I’m sorry to say that he will not change. He wants to take, not give. He doesn’t want the responsibility of being a good provider. On the contrary, he expects you to continue providing for him. He sees no reason to be honest when a lie will better serve his purpose.

Renae, love doesn’t hurt. This man hurts you in myriad ways—constantly. You know deep down that if he really loved you, he would not do these things. Your reading shows you are about to leave him again. You have free will, but it will be better if you make it permanent this time.

The good news is, not long after you leave, you will again be dating a younger man, but this time it will work out far better for you. You deserve this upcoming happiness.

Wishing you every good thing,


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13 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Dating a Younger Man

  1. Lissa

    My husband and I are separated for 2.5 years and during this time he fell in love with his Co worker. She is married also.
    I have been with my husband for 26 years and I still love him . My heart doesn’t let go,
    Will I be able to let go soon ? Or is there a chance our marriage can work out?
    I filed for divorce when his girlfriend called me to tell me they belong together.. I was so upset . Out of haste, I filed.. did I do the wrong thing?

  2. Betty

    I have been with this guy for 2 years. We are not dating, don’t go out in public(I’ve tried over and over). In the beginning we talked everyday, seen each other 3-4 times a week. Now we talk once a week and see one another twice a month. Why is he like this? Will he ever commit?

  3. Sheila

    Whats going on with my health . At times if hard for me to catch my breath . When I walk I have to stop and hold on to gates for a. Few minutes so can you tell me what’s wrong

  4. Omega Dem la rosa

    I love my husband and I need ur help .he is I think cheating but he always says he’s home with me that would say he chiised me.but I think he has Orther women .his name is Danny my name is Omega.

  5. Gloria

    I have found someone very special to me some way or another we lost contact will he ever contact me back again he said he loved me but will he find me again we found each other on Facebook

  6. Jennifer

    Your future is only as bright as you make it. With the pain of your husband and missing your mom your light is shining dim. Through the pain of letting your husband go, because that is a must. You deserve so much better, but you have to believe that. Until you start thinking positive, and working on “self-love” which means understanding that there is nothing wrong with you. Your husbands issues are his. You are worthy, and once you start saying that, and Believing that things will fall into place. You will see your mom again, but not right away. You have to take control of your life, and leave your husband. But most importantly start saying “I am special”, “I am worthy of love”, and turn to your faith. That is very important.

    I wish you peace, love and light on this journey. It’s not going to be easy, but the outcome is worth it. YOU are worth it.

    Bless you sister

  7. rajalaxmi

    Hello, i am an Indian single mom staying usa past 19 years. have not seen my family and no job.. my husband cheated on me and staying with an american lady almost 10 years..i dont know what my future holds..please advise me about love life and financial situation… can i see my mom soon ? thank you


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