See Your Future and Change It

A Better Understanding For Clients

Knowing just a small part of the future does alter its outcome. I tell clients if I can see it, then they can change it. It’s called free will.

A client that is receptive understands that he or she has the free will to make a difference and change the reading. Just by thinking, and not going down that path therefore changes their direction. God gave us free will so that we can make choices that fit us better, and yes, karma can play a role here too, but it is the client’s karma in most cases and not ours.

Clients have several degrees of receptiveness, right down to how their energy blends and how they’re compatible with yours as a reader. There are some people that I can’t read for, because we’re not compatible for one reason or another. So they move on to another reader, as they should.

Clients do have their favorite readers that they feel more receptive with than others. The mood is a factor too. For example, if the client is already angry, they can be less receptive to what the reader picks up on, needing to vent more rather than listening to the reader. Once the calmness comes back, then the client listens and becomes more complacent. This has happened to me several times this year with clients just being angry about their life. It does help to remember that it’s all about the caller and their needs, and their needs can be many.

I have found at times that the client even seems very angry with me as their reader, and it’s best for me to stay calm and give them a better understanding of where they’re at and how things will become better as time goes on, letting them know that they’re in the driver seat and that they can control the outcome with free will.

When karma is involved, it can be very confusing and the outcome can be beyond their control. As their reader, it’s up to me to know the difference, and be sure that they know, too. When the client is confused is when I, as a psychic, can bring them the clarity they’re looking for to move life forward and be happy. This can make their life start seeming like a holding pattern, and things can become very intense for them for this reason, making everything in their life harder to deal with. This can also affect their sleep.

For you clients out there, I hope this helps to give you a better understanding about a reading and being in a calm state, listening to your reader, taking what you need from the reading and moving your life forward once more with love in your heart.

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7 thoughts on “See Your Future and Change It

  1. Josie

    I do tarot readings on the side. I have a reading that shows a couple of different paths, and outside and personal views. It seems to get through peoples head that their future is not set in stone and they have the ability to change their path if they really want to. I will never do regular readings for anyone. One reading a month is the limit for me….because I have had people become to dependant on them. The future changes as situations occur, choices are made, and people’s views change. I am currently working on a change, one that for the last few years have shown up in almost all of my readings, and you know what…I am loving every minute of it now.

  2. Eda

    I love words of wisdom. These psychics always help me to put my mind in a proper perspective. Most of the things they talk about,in your heart you already know.But it’s great to read it and remind you what life is really about. Love to all of you for your meaningful words. Eda

  3. Angela

    That is so true I take it one day at a time but yet advising a plan of action in the process while not to become stagnant.

  4. Shad Huntsman

    Well i am so confused about my life right now i really don’t know and i do know what i want out of life i just cant kick what ever it is that’s in my way that’s tryen to stop me from movig on i need some help to fiber what is stoping me andmy life.


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