Secrets of the Health Gurus

When I first met Jimmy Rotello, my spiritual health guru, at a Starbucks in LA, I had no idea that my health was about to change for the better. At the time, I experienced severe brain-fog and moodiness. Being overweight and spiritually disconnected, I was aware of a sugar addiction which suddenly hit critical mass. I bumped into Jimmy by accident, and we began talking.

I learned that Jimmy held a diploma in oriental medicine, and was certified in environmental illness and natural medicine. Curious, I asked him how he became involved in the field.

“I started in the parking lot business. Health, to me at that time, was McDonald’s and a salad once or twice a week. Financially, I was doing really well, until my wife became severely ill. She began to fall apart physically, reacting allergically to everything, and would go into convulsions when she inhaled gas fumes. So naturally, we went to doctor after doctor, who each ran a multitude of tests – and they all said that the results came back negative. Their diagnosis was that it must be in her head. We went bankrupt from all the medical expenses, until I found a naturopath who, in one visit, discovered she had a severe case of lead poisoning and put her on a regimen of herbs, vitamins and minerals. My wife made a dramatic recovery. I sold my business, went back to school, and dedicated my life to healing people in a natural way.”

I was so blown away, I immediately made an appointment. I adhered to a two-month regimen of natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and cleanses. I was impressed with my dramatic change. I felt focused, clear-headed, emotionally balanced, and energetic. I also felt far more spiritually connected, and my sugar addiction went from about 90 percent to three or four! But what really spurred my transformation was Jimmy’s guidance, and his sincere desire to see me happy, healthy, and whole.

He taught me the most important aspect of health: preventative medicine. All illnesses are created from imbalance, usually in the form of blocked energy. When these blocks occur in one cluster, it causes our remaining energy to be diverted into a pattern of trying to just maintain a sense of equilibrium. When this happens, it begins to affect all areas of our lives: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We suffer from low energy and chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression and a whole host of physical ailments which can start in childhood.

When the physical body is cleansed and balanced through natural means, it functions at optimum capacity, giving us highly attuned mental and emotional clarity. This dramatically increases our energetic vibrations, enabling our greatest potential and opportunity for spiritual ascension and transformation.

How has your body awareness helped you grow spiritually?

7 thoughts on “Secrets of the Health Gurus

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  3. misskrystal

    20 years ago, a very sharp Capricorn healer told me that due to my Virgo rising, I would eventually go all natural…So hard to believe at the time..I was still picking up candy bars, soda, chips and sugar bubble gum everytime I would go pay for my gas at the food mart…..Down the road, it all changed….Everything she said was true…

    I feel better eating all natural.
    My tea tastes so much better authentically brewed/all natural, no added anything-I went from using half and half in my coffee to skim milk….I appreciate fresh fruit and veggies so much more now…And it is all because of the way it makes me feel….I do know that eating natural has made a huge difference in my life. Sure I have some cake for birthdays, holidays etc. May get an ice cream cone on a very hot day…But not that much anymore…I have found happiness with the natural elements of the earth. God gave us these foods and I can see why! My favs are: Fresh corn in season, crispy cucumbers, green onions, costa rican pineapple, watermelon, Fuji apples and yellow Cal. cling peaches Thanks for a great article.
    Miss Krystal

  4. abigailx9570

    I just love this article… favorite grocery is Traders Joes the very first store I found when I moved here from the East Coast. I am very sensitive and have a MSG allergy among a host of other sensitive’s. I buy organic, growing my own veggies this summer. You have to put good things in order to function properly. I exercise daily, meditate, eat healthy so I can perform at my very best. Life is full of daily trials and tribulations yet if we take care of ourselves we will move through them in a healthy way.

    Many Blessings

  5. Jacqueline

    Love this article Phoenix,

    It’s so up my alley, I have been practicing for years to live in balance and studying the art of doing so, many as myself became very encompassed in manifesting, visualizing, journaling, and being in the space of allowing, but found and realized very soon in doing so that something was missing, there was a missing link, the imbalance was that missing link, I was shown that you must become in balance of that, that you wish to achieve, so after much prayer I was shown that you must become in balance with everything around you, that you are apart of, meaning, air, water, fire, earth and when you are in balance then health and happiness can come in.

    Through-out the years we have become very imbalanced, off kilt if you will, we feed our bodies to many artificial, non-natural things, (artificial sweeteners, preservatives, dyes, etc.) Our thoughts play a role here too, negative thoughts through off our balance as well.

    I have found when I have use herbs, I feel it allows my body to assimilate them more successful, because they are natural.

    Of course seek out health professionals first before trying any herbal or vitamin supplements.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Well….. ” your body is a temple ” is an old saying but a true one.

    This is important for everybody…but especially important for all psychics and healers……

    I have to stay mentally, emotionally, and physically fit to perform the work I do as a psychic…..getting enough sleep too, I find helpful. The body regenerates and heals in sleep mode….lack of sleep is common now among people.

    Even the late, great, Edgar Cayce believed in a healthy balance of good nutrition and sleep.

    ….to mistreat one’s body is also not very good Karma.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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