Your Numerology Forecast: The Urge to Go Overboard

The urge to go overboard will be pretty tempting this week, making it difficult to put the brakes on the natural eagerness and enthusiasm that motivate everyone during a Universal 1 Month. 1’s affinity for big ideas, blue-sky brainstorming and start-up enterprises is being egged on by the intensified influence of the planetary Big Thinker, Jupiter, as it seems to stand still in the sky before moving backward (retrograde) until mid-November.

Big projects, important launches and major marketing efforts can take longer to reach fruition after Jupiter is retrograde, because its energies are focused inward, becoming more philosophical and less interested in grand schemes and major breakthroughs. So, frustrating as it might seem, unless you already have your major projects up and running or launching before Friday, it’s time to start laying plans for your next big push, which will fare best beginning in early 2011. And let these last few days of the detail-oriented practicality of Saturn in Virgo help you tidy up loose ends and tweak those few imperfections.

Monday: The week opens with the quiet, sensitive, and diplomatic influence of Master Number 11/2 (1+1=2), an ideal day to climb off the speedy Universal 1 Month bandwagon and stop to smell a few roses. These quiet moments will rejuvenate all your efforts.

Tuesday: This is the day to use charm, sociability and creativity to get you where you want to go. At its best, the energy of this Universal 3 Day is absolutely irresistible.

Wednesday: Today can feel a bit heavy and difficult, with the influence of Karma Number 13/4 (1+3=4) demanding transformation, and Saturn the Taskmaster, and ruler of structure and discipline, entering Libra, the sign of relationships. But if you’re willing to invest some hard work, you can negotiate some real breakthroughs.

Thursday: Even though the Sun moves to Leo to brighten everyone’s week, the transformational work isn’t over. Today’s Karma Number, 14/5, is about letting go of old forms and experiencing the freedom to become more than you dreamed.

Friday: You’ll feel a subtle shift in direction as Jupiter joins electric Uranus in focusing their dynamic energies on inner processes rather than outer achievement. Domestic, socially conscious 6 rules the day, encouraging you to cozy up in your sanctuary when the day’s over, or mull over the shifts with friends and family.

Saturday: Universal 7 Days can help even the most scattered mind turn into a laser tool, capable of penetrating deep inner space. With philosophical Jupiter in a challenging encounter with transformational Pluto, this day holds out possibility for important emotional, spiritual or philosophical insights.

Sunday: The big ambition and executive abilities of this Universal 8 Day combine with a Full Moon Eclipse (6:37 pm PST) in the astrological sign of Aquarius to create a high-energy day with global focus. While 8 is usually all about business and profit, today you can put it to work in service to your most important social and environmental causes.

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