Secrets of the 7 Chakras

Understanding Your Energetic System

Are you ready to open up and clear blockages and bad energy, allowing more room for good energy? Learning the secrets of the seven chakras will empower you to feel your best, mind, body and soul. The seven chakras contain a wellspring of energy and revitalization that can heal, empower and enlighten.

The Wheels

The word chakra is Sanskrit for “disk” or “wheel,” and it’s within the seven chakra wheels where mind and body meet. Armed with even just the most basic knowledge of chakra cleansing or chakra meditation you can reap the benefits of good health, free-flowing energy and overall well-being. Chakras are all connected—if one is out of balance, all of the others can be affected. Like any art, there are paths that take you deeper into the forest of knowledge. The further you delve into the secrets of the seven chakras, the more benefit you will derive.

A Chakra Makeover

Let’s explore the seven chakras in order, so you can get an idea of how they work and feel. In a chakra meditation, you will concentrate on the placement of the chakra in relation to your body and the color it radiates. Then you will flood the chakra with that color, allowing bad energy to leave and good energy to enter. Take your time concentrating on each chakra—don’t rush, this is for you.

The first or root chakra is located at the base of your spine. The color is red. This is where you get your feeling of being grounded—your physical identity. It is the first chakra and as such, it’s the chakra that all the others rest upon.

The second chakra is located in the lower abs. The color is orange. This is where your emotions and sexual desires live. This chakra rules the sexual organs. Remember to concentrate on infusing the chakra with colorful energy.

The third chakra is located in the solar plexus. The color is yellow. This is the center of your power. It rules self-esteem, ego, as well as digestion. Think of the powerful, yellow Sun.

The fourth chakra is located at the sternum or breast bone. The color is green. This is your heart chakra and it rules love, peace and your social self. Feel the chakra being filled with healing green light.

The fifth chakra is the throat chakra. The color is soothing blue. This is your communication chakra and also the center of your creativity. Think of free-flowing communication and artistic expression. Get the insight you need with a reading from Psychic Abrielle ext. 9894.

The sixth chakra is located in the center of your forehead. The color is Indigo, that dark inky, purple-blue. Also called the third-eye chakra, it is where we focus on self-reflection and it’s where our intuition comes from.

The seventh chakra is located on the top of your head—the crown. The color is bright violet purple (or sometimes white). This is your thought and knowledge chakra. Our thoughts can be very powerful. Need to release your worries? Talk with Jesse ext. 9027 to see what’s ahead for you.

Practicing this meditation daily can promote an overall feeling of health and well-being.

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    Something important to know is that when you concentrate on the chakras you have to see them turning left to right!!

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