Your Soulmate Forecast for October 2012

Trick or Treat?

Mercury kicks off the month with a series of movements whose reverberations last well into the month—just in time for Venus to take over and move into Libra. What does this mean for you? Here’s your soulmate forecast for October.


Whatever shook down at the end of last month comes to fruition now—for better or worse. It’s do or die time in your relationship. Only you know which one. Not sure which way to go in your love life? Talk with astrologer Psychic Heather ext. 5064 to unravel a tangled love.


When Venus enters your partnership house on October 9, you crave love more than ever. Luckily, auspices are good for finding it!


Your energy is up, and you may find yourself a little randy… Don’t confuse that for love. The urges you’re feeling are more likely sexually-motivated than indicative of a soulmate.


You’re feeling amorous this month, Cancer. It’s as if you’re in the honeymoon phase of a relationship all over again. If you’re single, odds are good of meeting someone special.


Mars has you feeling forward, Leo. Try not to be rush in your relationship. This can mean rushing into—or out of—something prematurely if you’re not careful. Feeling a bit too rushed in love? Astrologer Psychic Shauna ext. 9010 can see what’s pushing you out of your comfort zone.


The finances within your relationship are spotlighted this month, Virgo. Be grateful as well as generous and above all, fair. In these matters and otherwise, it’s vital to take care of each other.


It’s that time of year, Libra, when you’re in the spotlight. What does that mean? Your already considerable charm is effortless, and you’re especially magnetic. As if you needed anything else, just after the Sun leaves your sign, Venus enters. Oh, l’amour!


Trust issues are at the fore in October, stinger, particularly early in the month. Be honest and open, and expect the same in return. The catch is, you may need to be patient. Everyone opens up at a different rate.


People like you, but this is nothing new. What may seem new, however, is that you’re not particularly interested in romance right now—unless it’s particularly adventurous (naturally)! Having fun is the order of the month!


While it still feels like an uphill slog in the partnership department, by month’s end you’ll finally be on the receiving end of the appreciation you’re due. And good thing too… it’s about time!


You’re focused on career this month, Aquarius, but don’t let that fool you. Love comes in unexpected places—perhaps as a means of restoring the balance to your overworked life!


Conversations about your relationships are tricky this month—particularly in the first half. If possible, wait until later on when you’re less busy all around to address any issues that arise in your personal life.

16 thoughts on “Your Soulmate Forecast for October 2012

  1. billi

    this me billi i did meet someone but that didnt work out at all.But i still think that it will work out between us but he works alot of hours to.

  2. Patricia

    I sometime get real fearful when having a relationship with a man. I guess, because he might leave me for another woman or drugs, it happen to me so many time. Will I ever find my soul mate, who love me for me.

  3. Aries girl

    A relationship I was in at the beginning of the summer showed so much promise. We had an amazing connection I haven’t felt in years. I did make my concerns know to him that I wasn’t sure he was ready for a relationship because he and his ex haven’t been apart that long and I know he is still hurting over the break up of his marriage. When I brought up these concerns he got defensive and things fell apart. I think about him everyday and want to get over him, but I’m having a really hard time. I want to know if he thinks about me and misses me too.

  4. nancy

    well im a leo my partner is younger he is aquirius will it work between us, or am i making a mistake letting him back into my life, im still debating on taking him back.his birthday jan 23 1980

  5. ramonica

    Hi i been with this guy for about 5years and he is a Gemini and im a liber is it going to work with us we been i having are ups and are downs i just need to you whats going on with us i really love and care about him he is my every thinking..

  6. rjy1

    What does it means and quote: “Whatever shook down at the end of last month comes to fruition now for better or worse. It’s do or die time in your relationship. Only you know which one”. I am under zodiac of Aries (to be exact birth date April 15 @ 11 PM). What is really the zodiac sign of my soul mate that can both share to stay in one roof at the best relationship. I am at my senior-senior age but the longer we stayed in one roof seem becoming bitter, the good deed I did is of no avail, as a saying that marriage is a sacrifice. I am craving for life, like those both spouses are so sweet and loving especially now in the afternoon zone.
    Further, so sorry I can’t pay you the $ 1, though I’m willing, but the on line system I am not available.

  7. Halle

    I read my forecasts all the time and I’m still clueless the boy I am in love with is in a relationship. Sadly, I have never loved anybody more. He high-fives me the other day and I felt my heart stop. And then beat furiously fpeverytime I see him, when I see him can’t help but stare, it hurts so much!!!

  8. Julyan Carter

    Will I meet a boyfriend in the balance of the year 2012 in which month are in the year , so what month…..I am 64 and will be 65 Dec 6 2012. Plus what will be the age of this man. Will he have a good job are will he have good retirement. Thanks Julyan

  9. blackie

    The old Sag says this is very much inline with me. I can’t afford another romance after being taken to the cleaners by 2 marriges that left me completly high and dry women for me has been selfish and our home on the last one cost me my shop house, everything so its about time for women to become more self suficent and quit robbing men we don’t have to have them at this price. In fact I do alot better without them. At 54 I’m disabled now and have to start all over. Tell me if you think this is fare. I take critics in my life. I’m a fun loving and have been loyal all my life with out considuring my own well fare.

  10. Virgo 1

    As my name represents I’m a Virgo but was born on the 22 so I’m a Virgo/libra cusp man. Not sure how to read this forecast. Been having an affair with a libra now going on two years. Its funny in a way that I’m so drawn to this women like a magnet and her to me as well. Her current boyfriend knows something is going on and for good reason doesn’t want her to talk to me nor does he want us hanging out together anymore. There are kids involved plus I don’t have a place for her to come if he kicks her out which he has threatened to do time n time again for being with me. Its nothing I’m proud if nor want for her but when we’re good together were great together feeding off of each other, but when we argue its not pretty but keep going back together and neither one of us can stand to be apart very long. Most of our arguments have eased off for the most part. Its been a lot of work on both sides but we both know its worth it. my babies bday is today. I just hope it lasts between us and we can be together some day soon.


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