Psychic Spencer: Is There Someone Out There for Me?

Finding True Love

I receive many calls from clients that really tug at my heart strings. Some of the most heart rending are the ones searching for love, especially those that have been doing so for a long time. They call expressing serious doubt that there really is someone out there for them. They question if there really is someone for everyone, especially themselves.

You may have even asked yourself, “Is there someone out there for everyone? Is there a special someone out there for me?”

There are more than six billion people in the world today. So, you have to believe that the answer to that question is, “Yes!”

There are many people out there looking for Mr. or Ms. Right. Therefore, the conclusion is also: there are many great people to meet. That is the key, “to meet.” If you’re not out there, taking action by meeting and talking to people, it is easy to have a “doomsday” attitude questioning whether there is someone out there for everyone or even for you.

A huge part of finding love is really based upon attitude: do you see it as a possibility and is the glass half full or do you see it as hard to find, not for you, and the glass is half-empty? I get a lot of requests from people asking for the magic formula for finding their true love. People are looking for some magic pill or fairy dust to fix their dating lives. They want to be given the one answer that will fix everything while they wait for the doorbell to ring with a delivery of a date or partner. You cannot and will not find a love if you do not believe they are out there for you to discover.

Your success depends on an additional factor: it depends on whether YOU believe you are loveable. If you believe you are, then you believe you deserve love and therefore someone exists just for you. If you don’t, your search will be empty, exhausting and fruitless. Or, you will attract damaged people.
There are no magic cures, potions or spells for finding true love. Many are looking for the magic cure to all their dating issues. It does take time to alter and authentically change your belief system about finding a partner. The truth is, nobody can change your belief system for you. You need to do the work on yourself and change it to be successful in finding love.

So, back to the original question, “Is there someone out there for everyone?” The answer to that question again, is an unequivocal YES. Not only is there someone out there for everyone, but there are amazing people to meet along the way while you’re out there finding that special someone. What are you willing to do to believe it and then go out and find them?

Life is a great journey. Take a step every day, and you’ll meet great people. Your great partner and relationship will be among those great people!

5 thoughts on “Psychic Spencer: Is There Someone Out There for Me?

  1. Miss Anonymous

    Gemma – you did right. You put yourself first and showed him that you are of much value and you know it. He clearly does not see you as a priority but just a fall back option. Sounds like he isn’t planning on leaving his wife so that should show you that he isn’t as serious about you. Stay strong and move on.
    As for the rest of you, the mistakes are in your comments. You need to love and accept the whole of you not part of you. You need to begin by being grateful for ALL you have – that is the first step forward. My moto – you want happiness you make it happen by firstly being happy! Smile everyday and compliment yourself because nobody is. Make a list of all the things that make you unhappy and tackle them – see what you can change and what you dispose of. Learn to live with yourself first before wanting to live a life with another. Positivity equals success. Best of luck x

  2. gemma

    i live with my common law husband for 8 yrs we have a child together…for the first time in all my relationship that i fall in love i thought he is my soul mate but the problem is he is only regal seperated , and i ask him when are you going to divorce your wife? because we been together for that long right? so he did not give me answer all he said if Im not happy i can move out so i did. so my question is did i did the right thing? and i can stll move on i still thinking about him?

  3. sue

    You know, I have always tried to see glass half full, life on the other hand seems (whether it be true or not) seems to want me to see it as half empty. I DESERVE love I AM WORTHY of love, i want love, worked hard for it to no avail, it is not simple or easy but i still believe


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