Saturnalia: The Other Holiday Celebration!

Time for Generosity and Parties for All of Your Friends!

Have friends with varying cultures and beliefs. How about having a party—or two or three—honoring the winter celebration days of cultures around the world, based on the Roman Saturnalia/Opalia?

If you want to celebrate the Saturnalia/Opalia, you can honor all of your friends with various foods and decorations between December 17 and 21. This was when the god Saturn and his wife Op were celebrated. Chances are these dates can include your friends’ cultures and beliefs. Op was the goddess of plenty and Saturn was the god of form, structure and building. Gifts of bee’s wax and clay figurines were given, and the party went on for five days!

Your Wiccan, Hindu and Jewish friends can be honored on December 21, which is the Wiccan Winter Solstice, when the light of the Sun returns, celebrated with the Yule Log, so you’ve honored your Christian friends too. Hanukkah is celebrated this year between December 20 and 28 – a Festival of Lights. The Romans put the “sun and stars” in their external trees during Saturnalia, so this also fits your Christian friends, with lights in the trees. Hindus are celebrating the god Ganesha, a delightful, joyous god with an wlephant’s head. Ganesha enjoys life, and so can your Hindu friends at your party.

If you are the “boss” and want to have an office Saturnalia party, this is the time that the masters served the slaves so this can be a time when management must serve its staff. This would be great for hotel and restaurant Holiday Staff parties and great for morale in any case. The Islamic New Year and religious holidays took place in November this year, so your friends and/or staff can enjoy a celebration in the first month of their year.

“There are many ways to celebrate, consider if you may need to release familiar obligations if they do not bring you joy, in order to find your own space to create holiday happiness!” – Yemaya ext. 5143

If you want to have an early party and have Wiccan, Tamil Hindu or Buddhist friends, the evening of December 8 would be great for celebrating under a full moon with the gorgeous seven stars of the Pleiades in its light. To the Tamils, it’s an ancient celebration of a “festival of lights” called Karthikai Deepam—a celebration of good over evil and destruction of all ignorance. Bodhi Day is celebrated by some Buddhists on this same lunar alignment when Gautama attained enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree.

Parties instead of unwanted gifts and the obligation of return—priceless to your friends! Let them bring the candles, wine or decorations from their cultural celebrations.

“Whether you are religious or spiritual or not – feeling happiness in your heart is your universal gift, one that I wish we all share this holiday season.” – Quinn ext. 5484

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