Sacred Geometry and You

What if you suddenly discovered that the world around you is full of images that offer answers to any question, just like a Tarot card, or hints about a person’s character and motivations based on their surroundings?

You can gain plenty of insights with just a little knowledge of Sacred Geometry. If you’re willing to get in there and experiment a bit, you’ll discover that Sacred Geometry can also create some awesome magic!

Say you’re driving along stewing about your relationship, trying to decipher your lover’s behavior. Suddenly a geometric shape on a billboard or road sign catches your eye. If you’ve been learning about Sacred Geometry, you might think, “Ah-ha! A message!” You remember what you’ve learned about the meaning of the shape, apply the information to the question in your mind, and suddenly you feel at peace, because spotting the triangle led you to some useful insights. Handy, huh?

Probably numerology was derived from the meaning of shapes, and correlating the number of sides in a shape with numerological meaning is a great way to start using shapes for divination. Think about the square, with its strong, stable 4 sides, and the number of structures, physical and philosophical, that are based on 4. Besides most modern buildings, you have the 4 compass directions, the 4 corners of the earth, the 4 alchemical ingredients, the 4 phases of the Moon … and so on. And 4 is the Emperor in the Tarot, the most organized and stable of the Major Arcana cards. A square catches your eye? Think stable, grounded and organized.

Architecture and Sacred Art
The idea that certain shapes are more than symbols, that they contain energy or magical properties, stretches back into prehistory. Sacred geometry has been used in sacred architecture and art from megalithic stone circles and petroglyphs to pyramids and today’s mosques and cathedrals.

Navaho sand paintings, labyrinths, the Hindu Sri Yantra, sine waves, the merkaba, the true pyramid, the Golden or Fibonacci Spiral, the ancient Greeks’ 5 Platonic Solids (from Tetrahedron to Dodecahedron) are all examples of geometric shapes believed to emanate power beyond their symbolic meaning. Some call Sacred Geometry the language of creation, a language that transcends words.

I once visited an ancient burial chamber in England called a barrow. It dated from about 1,400 BC, and was shaped as a cruciform, or cross. Our guide was holding a dowsing rod in each hand, and he used them to demonstrate the barrow’s energies. He stood on the top of the barrow, first on the bottom section of the cross. The dowsing rods snapped away from the center. Then he went to the top half, then to each arm. Each time the rods both snapped firmly away from the center. But when we went inside the barrow and he stood at the cross section of the vertical and horizontal lines, the two dowsing rods started rotating madly, each in a separate direction! As soon as he moved out from the center along one of the arms of the cross, the rods immediately stopped and pointed away again.

This simple demonstration of energy flows is not unusual in sacred sites, whether natural or man-made. And it’s not limited to structures. You can use a pendulum and discover that there’s energy in some of the shapes when they’re just an image on a piece of paper.

With Crystals
Here’s a project I used in my latest crystal class. Visionary artist Francene Hart has created two decks of Sacred Geometry cards. The Oracle Deck has some very basic illustrations of everything from a circle through the highly complex Flower of Life and Sri Yantra.

We blew up the images to 11 x 14″ and then placed small double-terminated crystals either along the arcs, as with the Golden Spiral, or at the points and convergence of lines, as with the Star of Solomon or Pentagram. Then we used pendulums, our hands and then finally stood over each shape to experience the very different energies which emanated from each. The class was so electrically intense that it required a collective high-carb meal to ground us to the point where we were no longer too spacey to drive home!

You can use Sacred Geometry to add healing and blessing energies to your own sacred spaces, your altar, your office, your meditation room, your sleep space. Far from being too complex or mathematical or esoteric, Sacred Geometry is a part of our daily lives and, creatively applied, can add magic to your surroundings!

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