Revel in Sensuality

These days many of us have a tendency to confuse being sexy with being
perfect – however we define perfection. We strive to be thin, or rich,
or dressed head-to-toe in designer labels – all in a quest to be
desirable. And it’s understandable. After all, who doesn’t want to be

Sensuality has a direct link to sexuality. So if you’re out to attract some action – of the committed kind, or otherwise – and you’re looking for some ways to boost your sex appeal, consider diving into your senses. Your state of mind and your libido will reap the rewards! Sexiness, after all, is a state of mind!

Here are ways to boost your sensuality… one sense at a time!

The skin is the body’s most sensitive organ , and ideally you want yours to be both soft to the touch and ready to do some touching! So skincare is not the place to pinch pennies. Even if you have to be choosy about which products you splurge on (and most of us – save a few financially fortunate – do), make sure to purchase self-care items that make you feel your sexiest.Luxe lotions, bath beads, a good skin scrub that leaves you feeling fresh and fabulous… these are the little indulgences that make the difference. Seem extravagant? Look at it this way: if you pamper yourself on occasion (and take good care most of the time), you’ll be more likely to enjoy the skin you’re in every day – and so will your partner(s) – potential and permanent!

There’s a reason that scent has long been a tool of seduction – our pheromones are transmitted by smell, and they play a huge part in how attraction is determined. It’s no wonder that the scents you surround yourself with can do a lot for your state of mind! If you want to revel in your sense of smell, in addition to making a special scent your signature (it should be something that makes you feel magnetic), concocting your favorite fragrances for use in your home will help you relax, and enjoy your time there… or set the scene for some sexy time! Whether you take the simple route (scented candles, incense), or set out to make your own essential oils (for burning or diffusing), is up to you. Home perfumer kits are available for the adventurous if you think you’d enjoy serving as your own atmospheric aromatherapist.

Let’s face it: our looks are the first thing people notice, and beyond caring for your physique (exercising and eating healthfully), and playing up your assets, finding your own personal style will go a long way to enhancing your visual appeal. However, the aim here is to connect with your own senses – not someone else’s. In the case of sight this means using colors, images and décor to set moods. Deep reds, for instance, can transform any room into a sultry den of sin… Also, try to choose décor that makes you feel good when you look at it. A little art can go a long way toward improving your attitude, and making you feel stylishly sexy (whether home alone or with your… guests)!

Never underestimate the power of a personal soundtrack – when it comes to sex, sensuality or just about anything else! Music has power. And songs – or even ambient sound clips like those of ocean waves – can instantly transport you to anywhere you want to be in space or in time… Not to mention creating any mood you want to be in. Barry White, for example got his reputation for good reason!

No doubt, food is the world’s best aphrodisiac. Whether it’s oysters and champagne, strawberries and chocolate or the sensual act of eating anything with your hands (bonus – you’re indulging your sense of touch here as well), indulging your mouth has its obvious implications. But the sensual experience that comes with food goes far beyond your tastebuds. The feeling of being sated is a feeling of being satisfied. That is one of the reasons food and sex go… hand in hand.

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