DreamCast: Butterflies In Her Mouth

Sophie in Alhambra writes:

In a very brief dream, I am walking outdoors in a quiet neighborhood. It is a beautiful, warm, sunny day. Suddenly, something feels strange in my mouth, and lots and lots of small- and medium-size white butterflies begin to fly out of it and across my face.


I happen to glance across the street and recognize the woman walking on the sidewalk as my best friend. She is smiling at my confusion and amazement at the butterflies coming out of my mouth. I try to carefully brush them away — it is an odd ticklish feeling! I awaken, brushing my face. Please help me understand the message. Thank you, Cortney.

Hello Sophie,

Even with your confusion over the butterflies, the overall feeling of the dream is positive because of the beautiful environment, so this is a dream of encouragement. Butterflies are typically a symbol of transformation, so you may be transforming the way you communicate to others, and your friend is the inspiration for the change inside of you.

Or perhaps you need to say something to her that will transform your relationship. Another way to look at the dream is that you’re in the process of healing something within your body, mind, or heart that has been troubling you. Whatever it is, your friend’s joyful expression suggests she’s supportive of this shift in you and can help you with it.

White is a symbol of purity, so the dream is a reminder to speak from the heart, with clarity and honesty. I also think you have some wisdom to share with others that may surprise you!

Sweet dreams,


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