Confidence Will Make It or Break It

Confidence is such an easy concept to understand yet so difficult to put into action … well, at least for most. People have all kinds of varying degrees of confidence — some have more than others, and some just need an adjustment to their perspective in order to feel like they just fell into a pool of confidence. An example that comes to mind, is the few rare occasions I’ve been out in social settings (an average situation I would be least confident in) where I don’t know many people, and for one reason or another, it’s like a switch goes off inside of me without any warning or say in the matter and all of a sudden, I am completely comfortable with who I am. No inhibitions, no doubting myself, no self-consciousness –- nothing but pure pride and joy in who I am. “I wish I could feel like this ALL the time!” is the thought that often runs through my mind when I get on, what I like to call a ‘confidence binge’. But, why can’t I? What if I just choose to be confident all the time? Is that all it takes?

Confidence makes a massive difference -– in everything. I really feel that confidence is the factor you need on your side in order to ‘make it or break it’ in the most important moments of your life … think about it. Everything looks, sounds and feels better with confidence. At a job interview, performing on stage, on a first date –- these seemingly different circumstances will all go much more smoothly (not to mention, you’ll feel amazing) if you just had more confidence.

So how does one ‘get’ more confidence? That’s just it. Confidence isn’t something you buy more of, layer on like clothing or makeup, or just decide to learn when you feel like it. It all has to do with perspective. I love that word … perspective. It means so much to me because I know that with the tiniest, littlest, smallest shift in my perspective, it will enable me to change anything I want.

We spend a lot of time worrying about things that don’t and won’t matter in the end. If you feel as if you put down your confidence, just for a minute, to turn around and find that it’s gone missing … don’t fret … you can find it again quickly, if you choose. Try taking some moments to think about everything you have going for you … be it a sense of humor, charisma, smarts, compassion, talent or the ability to listen … whatever makes you who you are. Be really proud of just being you (it’s a lot of work just ‘being’). Next, remember to breathe –- try taking yoga or meditate … you’d be surprised how often we forget to breathe because we’re caught up in our daily dramas. Gain more confidence because you deserve to. Do good. Be good. Look good.

Psychics and Bloggers, do you have any tips for becoming confident?

5 thoughts on “Confidence Will Make It or Break It

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  2. Jai Krishna PonnappanJai Krishna

    Great article Justine. I agree with the previous comment. Fear is the biggest foe. Esp. those that are deep rooted in our subconsious mind. A lot of self examination, introspection, meditation and contemplation can help analyze, isolate and eliminate fear. Plus it takes courage, determination and persistence to be open and honest with yourself. Then comes the effort and quality that you put into your preparation. Embracing an attitude filled with love and open mindedness goes a long way in replacing fear and doubt. I found taking a few deep breaths and believing in the power of my good intentions and efforts, just fills me up with the right amounts of confidence as when I need it. Again…….. Thanks for the great article. Blessings 🙂

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I agree…..(although I’ve never been accused of having no confidence though)…..LOL

    But, I REALLY like to empower my clients, especially my female clients……giving them a sense of confidence in themselves, their decisions AND their Karmic path and gifts.

    Tips for confidence:
    Start by overcoming your smaller fears first, …don’t over-think…just dive in and DO!
    You will find that each time you overcome a fear, obstacle or challenge that you will become less afraid of the next obstacle to arise. After awhile, you will start to feel excitement in rising to meet a challenge and your fear and feel triumphant, not to mention proud of yourself, when you overcome it.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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