Red Responds: Do Your Own Tarot Readings

You do not have to be a professional psychic to read your own cards. You can buy a set of tarot cards and learn on your own and grow into a good tarot card reader. By keeping notes, looking for patterns, and keeping an open mind you can become your own professional without becoming frustrated. For more personalized advice, contact one of our psychics today!

It All Comes Out in the Cards

Kelly from Toronto asks:

I recently tried on my own to do readings with these angel cards that were basically Tarot cards. I started writing down my questions and answers and noticed a pattern. I started to follow my own intuition instead of read the answers the book gives. Things seemed okay at first and I seemed to be making progress and I thought I understood most of the answers I was getting, but then the answers seemed to get confusing and strange. I guess my question is: Can spirits mess with you through these cards and if so, was I being messed with? I personally feel that I was either being messed with or I just made it all up in my head because I wanted to believe in it so much.


Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Dear Kelly,

It looks like you’re following a fairly traditional learning curve with your cards. First, big kudos to you for allowing your intuition to override the mass-marketed, written word. With any type of cards, I always tell people read everything you can, but trust yourself. There is actually a relationship between tools of divination, and the one doing the divining. That connection is what reveals the truths and unlocks the mysteries. It is a very personal experience, and it should be, if you want to be any good.

It is not uncommon, especially with cards, for a person to be jerked around a bit as they are learning, especially when reading for oneself. You see, cards (angel, tarot, or playing) are tools. These coated pieces of paper don’t magically have all the answers, but they can be quite instrumental in connected you with your guides and the higher powers. Because of their purpose, they are sacred, and should be treated as such. And, angels, guides and spirits aren’t always clear. But, the more deeply connected you become, the more you will perceive and understand. Conversing with those on another plain isn’t the same as coffee conversations with a co-worker or friend.

When tapping into the unseen, sometimes you need to remember your guides have a personality. Often, they do have a sense of humor. Sometimes their humor is a little twisted, but there’s usually a message in there, too. In some way, it always comes out in the cards.

Some people believe you shouldn’t read for yourself, while others feel there is no issue. Then there are those like me. I have to work really hard and kind of differently to read for myself versus anyone else. You seem to be experiencing something that I went through many moons ago, when I first started working with Tarot. I learned the hard way that my guides and cards did not want me to be dependent on them, and that I could tick them off. Asking un-heartfelt questions (or questions with no true concern) was always a good way for me to receive some gibberish or a flick on the back of the head, as was asking the same question over and over again. I was young, and basically, I got spiritually slapped. Looks like that’s what’s happening to you. If it makes you feel any better, I count this experience as one of the most important and beneficial lessons of my lifetime. I hope one day you will look back and see it as a good thing, too.

Some of the information you have been given may seem like you’re being played with, but in time, you will understand that you, your cards, and your guides were just getting out there in the more distant future. Some of the answers you have received are playing with you, or even teaching you. In time, you’ll know which is which.

Keep learning your cards, and your craft. Never forget that you are connecting with the Divine, and that angel on your shoulder will be much easier to appreciate and understand.

Brightest Blessings,


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7 thoughts on “Red Responds: Do Your Own Tarot Readings

  1. Calyndra

    I am always amazed at how afraid people get about Tarot. My Tarot cards are treasured tools.

    We invest different energy with different tools. A hammer might sit unused in a toolbox in the basement for months. By contrast, a cellphone might be carried upon our body every waking moment. We download ringtones for them, buy cases covered in bling, and incorporate them into every aspect of our lives from taking photographs to using social media.

    Think about it, a hammer is a tool designed to efficiently drive and/or remove a nail. Now of course you can draw back and accidentally hit someone, injuring them. You can also take a hammer and bludgeon someone… but the fact remains it is a TOOL. A cellphone may be used to post drunken pictures or bring bad news…

    My point is this, no one gets all scared and superstitious when these tools bring sorrow into our lives. We deal with it, correct it if possible, and go on. But with Tarot, if a few readings don’t go “according to plan”, we start looking for some hoobie-doobie (A word my Gramma used – LOL) reason for whats “wrong”.

    Sometimes NOTHING IS WRONG. Every Tarot card in the deck has many layers of meanings. Some of those layers are:
    1.) Numerology – The numbers on the card carry a meaning in relation to the other cards.
    2.) Astrology – Each card is associated with an astrological meaning.
    3.) Personology – Each card describes a person with distinct characteristics.
    4.) Situational – This is the meaning that most Tarot books give as the primary reading, however the situation changes depending on whether the reading is dealing with the past, present, future, other people, other situations happening at the same time, etc.
    5.) Reversed – Cards are often read differently if they are upside down.

    Quite often, when a reading is not going as you expected, look inside to see if an alternate meaning fits the reading better. If you do not know how to read alternate readings, there are a number of books available that can help. Tarot is hard to learn, but it is NEVER dangerous.

  2. sammie hyden

    with Shannon, i dont believe tarot card or anything can be evil , its just so important to know how to use them and dont get obsessive about it and never give it more power than you give yourself. if things start taking strange turn. step back, damn sure dont sit all night alone playing with them, youll start hearing and seeing things. because of your mind, your emotions. They are a wonderful pagan game such as ouija, just use common sense.
    sammie i was inviting the evil into my house by playing its game. keep it real

  3. shannon

    robin bednarczyk….

    you must not allow this other womans negative input to stop you in your pursuit of understanding the cards . the cards are not your enemy , her negative attitude is . so long as you allow her attitude to keep you from your cards , she wins . she has no more power over you or your cards than you allow her to have . take back your power , and dont let her stop you from becoming who you are . dont let anyone .. stop you . remember , they cannot hurt you unless you let them in .

  4. Louise Luna

    I, too, am not 100% clear about self-reading. Logically, it seems that one should be able to their a reading on themselves, much like throwing the I CHING. After all, the person who is seeking answers knows their quest and need for answers better than anyone. I, too was told to not read for myself and for years did not. I do now but had to get over that ‘wall’. My readings have been fine, but just why do people who read, tell others to not read for themselves. Is their a good and useful reason to not……or are people afraid the reading for oneself would be slanted. My intuition tells me it’s fine to thow for yourself and I have read that it is acceptable. I use the Thoth deck but also have the Waite-Ryder deck and use both. I’d appreciate any postings on this question that I think alot of people would like to know. Thank you!

  5. asiax5486

    I have to chime in on this…I had an experience reading my own tarot that made my heart sink. I do feel depending on your mood and anxiety levels, the cards will go that way. For example, the issue I was looking at in my life….the cards all were the opposite of the outcome. I was sick, but also knew to dismiss it. But it did stick in my head for a long period of time. So your spirit guides do have a way to get your attention. I am like Red..Cards are not meant for me. But to Robin, You cannot listen what someone said…try just a 3 card spread. Pray over your cards, and let your spirits ease you into it. I feel you will do just fine! Asiax5486




  7. Robin Bednarczyk

    I was so excited when I bought my tarot cards, I read the book from cover to cover – SEVERAL TIMES before trying to read for myself. Then one day this woman who I later found out didn’t like me, planted in my head that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can anyone read for themselves. She told me that it was bad luck, bad things would begin to happen, etc… At first I ignored her and continued trying to learn the meanings of all the cards before I did my first reading on myself. HOWEVER, I THINK because Kristi (the one who didn’t like me) planted that thought in my head, NOT ONE SINGLE reading I did on myself, came out like the cards I had chosen. Matter of fact, I started noticing that the TOTAL OPPOSITE was happening. I started getting frustrated, and just put them away. I haven’t picked them up since, except to just take them out to look through them. The cards I chose were so beautiful and had such beautiful artwork on them – but I’m still kind of scared to try to do a self reading. I WISH I could get over what that woman said to me, or at least I wish my subconcious would just forget what she said. I WOULD LOVE to pick them up again and try again. Maybe I will 🙂


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