Your Weekly Career Forecast for September 17 – 23, 2012

Creativity and Conflict

The week of September 17 continues to have a great deal of energy erupting from sexual and romantic tension, both personal and from others in the workplace, particularly on Wednesday, September 19. This can take the form of creativity or conflict, so plan to either create or mediate.

Aries: During the week of September 17 you are still feeling a bit antsy from all the recent excitement and creative inspiration. Partners have valuable ideas about your creations on Monday, September 17. You are on fire at work on Friday, September 21 and no one can stop you, but stay focused and wait for the breakthrough next week.

Taurus: The week of September 17 begins with an emphasis on gracious and thoughtful communications at work. As hard as you’ve worked to keep everyone comfortable, on Wednesday the 19th, make certain you are ready to calm some tempers at work and things will go well for you.

Gemini: Your creativity continues to flourish, especially on Monday, September 17. Writing projects have a special, positive feeling that others will really enjoy. You’ll be dealing with co-workers’ control issues at work on Wednesday the 19th. This will calm down and you can focus on partners and fun at the end of the week. Talk with Psychic Braxton ext. 5699 to get a detailed career forecast.

Cancer: Home issues have you preoccupied at the beginning of the week. While they have been disruptive, they are calming down, so take heart. Those powerful emotions you are feeling on Wednesday the 19th can be channeled into creative energy with a little concentration, so put it to some truly good use.

Leo: If you take full advantage of a situation on the week of September 17, you could charm everyone into seeing things your way at work at the beginning of the week. If you lose your temper instead you won’t fare as well. If you feel the urge to explode, particularly on Wednesday, September 19 channel that energy into something you enjoy long enough to find balance again. By Thursday and Friday, you’ll feel sunny and bright again.

Virgo: On Wednesday, September 19, you’ll be experiencing your own intense thoughts as you are particularly sensitive to the emotional wounds of co-workers. It probably isn’t time to help them out yet, so use that energy to focus on research and deep creative approaches to your career and you will see powerful results.

Libra: While workloads may weigh heavily on Monday, September 17 by the afternoon of the 18th your workplace will be much more pleasant. Friends and other networking can be truly pleasant and supportive of your career this week, so be open to their offerings.

Scorpio: Remain calm as you watch the flamboyant self-promotion of co-workers on the week of September 17 and let your own creativity flow. The truth will come out anyway, so let them hang themselves no matter how much you’d like to “help them along.” Particularly keep your cool on Wednesday. You’ll win in the end, no matter how hard they try to outshine others.

Sagittarius: You begin the week of September 17 with social interaction serving your career goals. Be aware of someone manipulative in the background, but don’t let them get to you right now, it’s not your problem. Thursday and Friday, you are really productive and “on your game”  just in time for a great weekend! Ready for a new level of trust from your coworkers? Talk to Psychic Rianne ext. 9423 to see what you can do to get it.

Capricorn: Upsets over the weekend of September 16 and 22 will have people jittery when you return to work on Monday. You’ve been weathering changes for some time and will be the solid person others count on, as usual during the following weeks. You already know the need for changes in the workplace, but next week will be better for taking action.

Aquarius: Rely on your great communication skills on Monday, September 17 to really serve your career and show others your outstanding networking skills and amazing perception. Wednesday will be dynamic at work, but you want to stay out of the fireworks if you can. On Friday prepare to enjoy the weekend and friends while others settle down.

Pisces: Thanks to friendships and a personal spiritual breakthrough on Wednesday, September 19, you will find new freedom to pursue your talents and career with an entirely new confidence and ability to reach others. Out of difficulties of the past comes a much more effective new you.

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