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Pao in Fremont writes:

I’ve noticed since I was small that I was able to hear voices. But I later forgot about it and I stopped. Then later in my teenage years I started seeing things and that bothered me a lot but I soon forgot about it and it went away. Then right around my high school years I started talking to spirits. Not just human spirits but spirits for plants, houses, etc. But later, I stopped because everyone kept telling me that I was just crazy.

Now the strange thing is, I’m starting to feel what people around me feel and it’s been driving me crazy because I feel like I can pick up on their moods. If they are angry, then I get angry. If they are sad then I get sad. If they are confused then I get confused. I get frustrated because I don’t know what it is that I am really feeling. How am I going to handle this gift if I even have a gift, and when will it mature so I can just live with it and not be so frustrated?

Dear Pao,

Your empathic abilities have been rising to the surface over the last couple of months, partly because you seem to have become a little more introverted. If you look back over your gift history, things seem to present when you withdraw after a stressful period or event. That little measure of self-protection seems to enable you to become more in tune with yourself and your surroundings.




Learning to live with empathy is similar to learning to live with anything. It takes time to understand it, and to identify the nuances that define your emotions from that of the people around you. At least you recognize that you are experiencing the emotions of others, which is half the battle. When you are suddenly overcome with emotion or sensation, particularly that which is mood altering, take a moment to think about what you are experiencing. If there is no cause for you to be angry, sad, confused, etc., it is probable that you are picking up on someone else’s energy. This simple process of deduction can be very useful in keeping your emotional balance, and lessen your frustrations.


There are many highly attuned and skilled empaths on the line who may be able to help you better understand this gift, which will help you learn how to control or even block the energies and emotions of others. If your empathic abilities are overwhelming you, you can learn to suppress this ability so that it doesn’t negatively impact you or your life. You may want to speak to a customer service representative for a recommendation, or try connecting with Miss Krystal (ext. 9192), Uli (ext. 9771), or Liam (ext. 9290).


Don’t let this drive you crazy. You have options. If you have problems learning to master or live with your empathic skills, don’t hesitate to see and talk with a physician. Many in the medical profession are open to and understanding of things that are metaphysical, and can apply science to improve your well being and quality of life. Any gift that doesn’t assist you or those around you can quickly become a burden. Fortunately, the spiritual, medical and metaphysical communities agree – the goal is to help people gain understanding of what makes them tick, and assist them in living well and being healthy.

Good luck!
Ext. 9226

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  1. Vito Capano

    What an awesome find, this is exactly the answer for people because I used to be like that and Psychic Red knew exactly how to answer this question. Perfect and accurate, highly pleased!

    Vito Capano


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