They Want You Back!

Are you a lost love that someone is desperate to win back? Are they pleading with you swearing, “they have changed…” “seen the light” or realized there was never anyone else in the world for them, but you? They have even romanced your mind, body and heart into a warm and fuzzy emotional blindness that has lost all connection to why you might have broken up in the first place.

This dilemma is one that our psychics deal with many, many times a day, as they read both sides of a caller’s story, to help them find clarity. After all, bad love, the second or twentieth time around with the same person (depending on your history together), is just bad love. But, on the upside, happy reunions can and do happen, our psychics happily reveal.

Most of the time when clients call, they know (on some level), if it didn’t work last time, why should it work this time? But, often they are truly confused. In either case, psychics can look into their exes true intentions. Does the ex truly love them, or are they motivated only because they miss the physical relationship, need money, or a place to stay.

And if you are the love lost, Charlotte ext. 9350 asks, are you just flattered to be wanted again, or maybe you just need to set the record straight with them – but is any of that worth your energy?

Think through the issues that caused the split before you decide to reunite, because unless something has actually shifted for either of the individuals, the couple will more than likely end up where they were, especially if the ex was dealing with serious issues (like addiction or abuse) or had a need to stray. “Do you love this person? How much do you want them back? Decide on ground rules, deal breakers and communicate your circumstances clearly. Forgive them, but do not forget!” warns Violet ext. 9662 who can tell in a reading, whether a cheater will cheat again.

In a reading of this nature, psychics can look into the issues which caused the split so clients get a clear picture of what happened for both sides. This helps them make more informed decisions about whether to rely on what appears to be their ex’s reformed intentions. One psychic says she uses several different Tarot spreads to look three months ahead – what things might look like if they do get back together and what might happen if they don’t.

One intuitive reveals that she can see dark murky auras around people who have something to hide. “One of the worst situations I’ve seen was a man who was trying to woo his ex lover back because he needed cash. He was so charming she couldn’t see through him until I exposed his ploy. My client immediately knew he had done the same thing several times before – to past loves. She was sad, she was hoping her ex really loved her, but now she understood that his intentions had never been about love.”

On the other hand, psychics may also see a reunion with positive consequences – if a caller decides to make that choice – by intuiting a change of paths, patterns and improved communication for the couple. “In these situations I sometimes receive vivid descriptions of where the couple will eventually live, what the house will look like, and sometimes I even seen rings!” the intuitive describes.

Amanda ext. 9538 can immediately tell if a couple is spiritually connected, which for this clairvoyant is an indicator of a successful relationship. “Some couples have shared lifetimes, others have just met. While all levels of spiritual connection are workable on the love front, without a deep spiritual bond (say a nine or a ten out of ten), the path for two people with their own spiritual needs can be erratic – especially if the couple have already had one bad ending.”

Astrologically at this time, avoid getting into relationships that you’re unsure about, advises Psychic Astrologer Joyce ext. 9598. “Know that you love the things you decide to commit to from now until the end of the year, as commitments that we make now will be with us for a very long time. Pay close attention to how you feel about getting back with an ex and be very aware of how taking them back might affect your other choices in life. If you do, you will have an easier future.”

Whatever the timing, when it comes to avoiding the same love mistakes over and over again with an ex who wants you back, the advice of our psychics holds true – make your decision with precision clarity. And remember, only time will tell – so don’t rush into anything.

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