Red Responds: Ghosts They Can See, Hear and Feel

Donna in Palmdale writes:

We have about four different spirits or ghosts in our house (not family members that have passed) that we can see, hear and feel. Lights going on and off, footsteps, taps on our shoulders etc. Even our family dog sees them. My youngest son can talk to, hear and see them. (He is 10 years old and we believe he has a special gift.) We are considering a cleansing of our house within the next two weeks. The reason I am doing this is I was told that they (the ghosts) can become mean and start to harm us in time.

Although right now we do feel protected and safe, are we doing the wrong thing by having experts come in to get rid of them? They (the ghosts) have told my son this was their property before our house was built on it, and that they are here to protect us. Why do I feel so sad to see them go? Yet at the same time I need to protect my family if it’s true that they can harm us. Thank you for any information you can give us.

Dear Donna,

I’m a firm believer of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But, that is just my opinion. You are writing to a woman who makes no bones about the fact that if a place isn’t haunted when I move in – it is when I move out. I’m cool with it – I like my ghostly visitors – even Sarah – who insists that the door to the den remain open, unless I ask her if we can keep it closed for a while. This was her house half a century ago, and the den was her room. We’ve learned to compromise…

Believe it or not, most places have spirit activity, and most people peacefully coexist – even if unknowingly – with ghostly residents in their home. If you are comfortable, feel safe and protected, and the spirits in your home are peacefully coexisting and not disrupting your life, then why displace them? I don’t see anything mean or malicious in your surroundings at present, and I have nothing that indicates that will change.

Your son does seem to have what I call the “sparkle.” I do believe your son is correct – your house is on their land. Because your house is on their land, they see it as your house is also their house, and assume that they are welcome there. Most importantly, I see and feel nothing that indicates he is being manipulated in any way shape or form, and there is no indication that your son’s interactions with these spirits will lead to malevolent or poltergeist-type activity in the future.

Some of the “experts” out there who perform cleansing and exorcisms are expert at making a bad situation worse, or a good situation bad. I would carefully research anyone you would entrust with any type of energy work in your home. A clearing is essentially an eviction, and there are no guarantees. If a clearing attempt goes awry, you do run the risk of angering the spirits. Angry or hurt spirits are no different than angry people – they tend to react, and another (sometimes repeated) clearing will need to be performed before you are free of ghostly guests.

If you feel that you need to do something, I would strongly suggest you look at a blessing rather than a clearing. A blessing offers protection from harm, and encourages peaceful and harmonious coexistence. From what I can tell, your family is rather comfortable with your invisible guests, you just need to set some ground rules.

Spirits can and do interact with the living. Talk to them. Even if you can’t hear or see them, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t reaching them. Ask them to please leave the lights off when you turn them off. Heck, ask them to please turn the lights off when you forget to turn them off – you just may be surprised. Since they are living with you and watching over you, if you treat them with the kindness and respect you would any living family member, they tend to become part of the family.

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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