A Life Turns Around

“I’m going to lose my house! My husband refinanced it so many times without telling me, that the payments are $6,000 a month!” the caller disclosed before Angel ext. 9266 could say, “Please don’t say another thing.”

Trish’s (not her real name) husband had recently left her for another woman after 21 years of marriage. During her first two readings with Angel, she asked the Clairvoyant and Medium to help her find a way to get back on her feet after weeks of depression. They had worked together, one issue at a time. With her newfound strength, Trish now looked to the psychic who uses no tools, for financial guidance.

Angel who prefers to begin her readings without information from the caller, focusing in on their energy and her spirit guides, repeated the messages she was getting. “I’m hearing the word ‘money’ from my spirit guides,” she disclosed to her caller. She also heard the sum of $100,000 and a date, only a month or more into the future.

“I don’t believe that,” Trish announced. “There isn’t a possibility in Hades that that kind of money is going to be available to me. I can’t even sell my house – it’s not worth what I owe!”

“You’ll see,” Angel pronounced sweetly. “You’ll see,” she assured Trish before their call ended.

“Angel, you are astonishing! I told my parents about my situation and soon afterwards they gave me a check, for you know how much? I had no idea that my Dad had been doing some investing… anyway, they said they have enough to get them through retirement… I can keep my house! And, I feel a splurge coming on…”

Angel reminded her that this was her only chance to get out of debt, and maybe even get ahead. Angel saw that with some effort Trish could build a more secure future. Trish had not “taken care of business” while she was married and had almost lost everything as a result. Her windfall, Angel clarified, came with a life lesson.

Trish took Angel’s advice to heart, and on her father’s suggestion she also decided to try some investing on her own. She took a weekend seminar in finance, read every Suze Orman book on the market and weighed the pros and cons of potential investments with Angel’s insight. “I taught her to use her own intuition and suggested meditation to help her focus,” Angel tells, marveling at how passionately her client threw herself into her new interest. From one of their readings, Angel knew her client had a real estate license and encouraged her to renew it. “I didn’t see her making a fortune selling houses, but she needed to work after so many years of staying home, and it did look like she could make a living at it.”

Angel also predicted a new love interest would soon enter Trish’s life. She continuously joked about expecting the universe to send her a ‘Prince Charming’ after what she’d been through. Unfortunately, the man the Clairvoyant saw for her was a wonderful and decent person who would “blow her away,” but he would come with a couple of problems, Angel predicted.

“That’s awful news,” Trish responded.

Just as foretold, Trish met Jeff several months later. She was crazy about him, but worried that he might have a drinking problem and asked Angel to look into it. “You met him at the right time, because he’s going to make a decision to go into rehab on his own, which is the only way an addict can heal.” Trish was also insecure about the blooming relationship. Her trust had been mangled with all of the dishonesty in her marriage that had been revealed to her during the divorce.

Jeff did enter rehab, weeks after meeting Trish. But, as time went on and Trish’s trust issues continued to plague her, she attended Al-Anon meetings and pre-marital counseling on Angel’s recommendation. “I saw that Jeff was honest, hard working and worthy of Trish’s love, she just needed some help seeing that on her own.”

Today, two years later, Jeff is still sober. Trish is making a comfortable living and they are planning a wedding. They both wanted to make sure that their love would make it for the long run, Angel reports, “so they took things slowly.”

“It’s amazing how you can take control and turn your life around when you’re not wallowing in your problems,” Angel understands from seeing this simple plan work over and over and over again. “You can focus on things you really want to do and need to learn to do.” Trish was smart, yet she had no idea that she could get so much pleasure out of making money on her own and being a working participant in her relationship. “This marriage will last!” she concludes.

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