Everybody’s Talking

Sure, we all love a little gossip. The tabloids feed us daily with fresh, juicy tales of secret trysts, financial ruin and divorce details about celebrities, politicians and athletes that we can’t help but pass on to our friends and colleagues at the water cooler or over an iced latte.

Their lives are public after all, and no one really knows if there’s even an ounce of truth to any of it – but it’s fun, and just one of life’s guilty pleasures to ruminate over. But what do you do when the story (true or false!) isn’t about someone who lives their life in the spotlight? What if word is spreading fast… and the latest intriguing tale happens to be all about you! How do you stop the gossip?

So we asked our experienced California Psychics what they “see” when a caller has been damaged by negative stories. “I can actually read the power play that begins the cycle of turmoil,” Red ext. 9226 responds. “It’s a soap opera, a high school drama… and it’s typically ego based. Someone is being manipulated and controlled by creating this chaos. The gossiper wants something and they’ll try to get their wish through the negative forces they are creating!” the psychic explains.

Red delves even further into the idea of holding strong in these messy gossipy situations, “Suck it up and deal with it, because this is the real world! Do some damage control if you can… If you know the source, go to them and ask them why?” Red suggests. “Nine times out of ten, this will turn the thing around. Then just say thank you, that’s all I need to know, and go,” a tactic, which she says may lead to the gossip monger’s silence.

The worst thing you can do is run around and try to tell people your side of the story, several psychics caution. This only adds fuel to the fire and causes people to wonder if there is some truth in the bad word going around about you. It’s very important not to engage in it. As victims of gossip themselves, theycan say from experience that rising above the madding crowd does work.

Leave the mud-slinging alone and maybe it will die down, some say. If the fire burns out of the gossip and nothing happens, people will come to think it probably wasn’t true. Confront your betrayer or let it go, other psychics say, or, find a clever way to put an end to the stories. “I knew a preacher who came close to losing his congregation because everyone thought he was spending his evenings away from home,'” one psychic relates as an example. “One Sunday his wife took the pulpit and admitted that she knew who had initiated the gossip. She announced that if her husband wasn’t at home with her each night, she was out with him visiting parishioners. That gossiper never attended this preacher’s church again.”

Beyond those methods, Red adds that the people who know you well will know where the truth stops and the lies begin. People are usually intuitive enough to get a sense that a person may be badmouthing another to the point that they may keep their distance from the gossip fearing that they might be next.

What works and what is effective is difficult to carry out. If you can simply hang in there, remind yourself every day that the truth always wins out. Do this and walk tall because those who are slandering you will eventually have their false words come back to them, which will call their behavior into question.

As a life lesson, realize that if you don’t want a secret to be told, don’t tell anyone.

If you are a victim of gossip, it may be that you trust too much or need to be more discriminating about what you say to whom. If you find yourself a constant victim of gossip, and it’s generally true, perhaps you need to take an honest look at yourself, or the viewpoints of the people around you.

Just like cheating, when it comes to gossip there is balance to the universe, Red asserts. It may take a while to take effect, but it does come back to haunt the gossiper.

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