Red Responds: How Can She Trust Her Visions?

Christy in Algoma writes:

There have been times in my life that I just knew or felt things. I saw my ex-mother-in-law crack her head on a cupboard door before it happened… so I closed the door to eliminate the accident. Two minutes later, I heard her holler. When I turned to see what the problem was, she was holding her head in pain, she had reopened the cupboard door and banged into it as I had seen. I also have times that I feel a presence in a room or area.

On one of these occasions, it was at the home of a friend, they had just purchased the home. I didn’t say anything to her as I was afraid she would think I was looloo, and second, I didn’t want to scare her. Nearly a year later, she came to visit and told me she had a psychic out to her place. Before she could tell me what they said, I stopped her and told her what I had felt the previous year. It turned out the psychic had told her the same thing I did, that a man had died in her barn and his spirit was still there keeping watch over the place. I shocked her as much as myself… so my question to you is this: Does everyone have these moments of knowledge, and how do I learn to hone it and trust what I am feeling or seeing?

Dear Christy,

While I can’t say that everybody has their own recognizable psychic experiences, I do believe that everybody has at least some psychic ability. The gift runs undeniably strong in some people, others have to work hard to tap into it, and there are those who have buried it deep within themselves.

It has been my experience that everyone who is consciously trying to develop their intuition and psychic abilities has to go down their individual path of trial-and-error. If you are truly looking to hone your skills, it is important that you learn to trust your intuition. While this may seem rather simplistic, I would advise you to start keeping a “psychic journal.” Record your experiences in as much detail as you can, and compare the facts with your experiences. Sometimes there are differences, sometimes things will be exactly as you have recorded. Pay attention to any nuances and patterns that will start to appear.

I always advise people to read as much as you can, but take the information you learn as guidance – not law. What works for the author may not work for you. This is a very individual process, and the most valuable tool in the learning process is your own intuition. You will know what resonates with you, and what doesn’t.

As with any skill, practice makes perfect. You can use your daily activities as a way to fine-tune your skills. When the phone rings, try to “see” who is calling. When you leave your house, try to preconceive a car that will be stopped at a light at a particular intersection. Try to predict the nature of the topic of the lead story in tomorrows news – if you are off, pay attention to when that story appears – if at all.

When you find yourself having an unexpected psychic flash, try to get into that moment, and take it further. All of these exercises will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses, as well as discern between truly tapping into your gift verses flat out coincidence.

The best advice I have is to take things slow, and let your skills develop naturally. Trying to force progress tends to encourage frustration, and frustration is a magnet for negative energy. During your processes on this learning path, take care of yourself well. A peaceful mind and a healthy body will only help you excel.

Good luck!
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  1. connie

    i appreciate u talking to me and i like what u told me u expressed more than what i could have told u . i know u have a strong faith in god. thanks for keeping my hopes up


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