Mindful Shopping

You know that you have a deeper purpose to your existence than wanting to wear the latest bikini style, cool new sportswear line or Joseph Abboud tie. But that still doesn’t mean that the desire to do it isn’t there. Why is it that you can meditate, pray, and connect deeply to your inner purpose… but walk into a store you love, and for some reason, your emotions take over.

With this in mind, how can you then shop mindfully?

Hidden agenda
First, know that shopping feels like it’s about self-worth, but it’s not. What is seen (your clothes, your car) is the unreal and what is within is what is real. You can dress your body but the soul is a naked open channel. The soul is so vulnerable and magical that most people spend their whole lives keeping their soul hidden under insatiable desires such as money, property and prestige. When we buy things to adorn our temporary physical states, and believe that this will transform our inner life, we are buying denial. Yes, this is a bargain buzz kill, but when you are in the slightly dehydrated state after hours in a department store, some detachment can go a long way to keeping your center.

Never enough
Did you know that debting for spur of the moment purchases comes from a place of scarcity. Ever been in a store looking at something and before you know it, you’re signed up for a credit card so you can get it for 20% off? When you debt to buy something in the electric heat of consumerism, you are telling the universe, “The only way I can get the things I want is to go into debt. There won’t be anything for me in the future. This is my last chance.”

What if your message was, “I allow the universe to provide me with everything I want and need. I already know that I am perfectly cared for.”

Money is energy. If you throw it in every direction, debting and borrowing and spending next month’s mortgage to get what you want right now, you will operate in a frenzied scattered energy. The universe always provides. Relax, the mall is eternal. You can always return.

Go ahead – spend it!
Depravation is not the answer. Spending out of love for yourself is the answer – when you have the money to spend. Never shopping and never buying new things doesn’t work because all it does is set you up for binge buying. Martyrs only hurt themselves. We do need clothes, shoes and fabulous handbags! It’s okay to have things, to buy things, to enjoy things. But if you make the accumulation of things your primary purpose in life, you will never know peace because you will never be done.

So make a plan to spend what is comfortable for your budget. It might be a good idea to set aside an amount every month. Decide how much you can spend comfortably and tell the universe exactly what you need. Items will come to you from unexpected places.

Remember, it’s an abundant wonderful world to be in, now go find those Jimmy Choos online for 25% of their retail price!

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