Reboot Your Body and Soul

Living With a Vision

It’s time to pick yourself up and reconnect with life! Shake off the dark and sleepy life of just surviving, and reach for the light, start your engines and get some energy that can transform you into the next stage, the next level of your life path. It’s time to move forward and release being stuck.

Here are some steps that can wake you up, sleeping beauty!

1. Get over it! Whatever “it” is that keeps you living, thinking and crying about the past, let it go or find someone to help you get closure and get out of yesterday!

2. Get some goals! Start small, a list of ten small tasks that can move you forward; cleaning house, signing up for a class, go through your closet & donate to charity, make calls you’ve been putting off, sew that new outfit, plant a row of flowers, draw a picture, make a mandala!  Now as you do each thing, cross it off boldly and then put the list back up where you’ll see it.

3. Be mindful! Be aware of the old adage “garbage in, garbage out” and create the play list of music, movies, events, and even friends you plan to hang out with—watch upbeat music, see happy and inspirational movies, go to happy celebrations, and spend time with people who help inspire you to be happy and alive again!

4. Your body is a temple! Be aware of the foods you eat and what you drink or put into your body, too much of anything is not good… moderation in all things, even moderation! I know you’ve heard it all about exercise, so just move more, put on your favorite dance music and shake it out, or go for short walks, and slowly make them bigger over time. Your body will supply you with the endorphins needed to get a new perspective, and help to lift your mood if needed!

5. Open your mind! Being open to new ideas, new love, new opportunities are a key part to moving forward. Open up your mind to the dreams you once had, just because yesterday’s dreams did not turn out, doesn’t mean there are no more dreams, it means it’s time to change your path, change your dream, or reconnect, and get moving again towards it!

6. Stop – Breath – Ground & Center. You need your spiritual balance to find the right dreams. In order to do that, revisit the form of spirituality that feels the most comfortable for you… pray, meditate, get out in nature, go to a church or temple… whatever reconnects you to your spiritual connection.  It will fuel and guide you like nothing else can on this earth.

Time is ticking, and this candle flame we call life is short… live your life to its fullest!

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6 thoughts on “Reboot Your Body and Soul

  1. Tracy

    Thank you, that was a very interesting article. Just what I needed to read today. I do live in the past way too much. I want to move forward with my life but my past holds me back. I will try everything that you said, because I want a brighter future. Time to let go of the bad energy that has been holding me back. I want everything in my life to be positive for a change. Thanks again, I finally feel like I have some hope.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Yemaya,

    Another great article !!!!! great advice !!!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  3. Marc from the UK

    A friend of mine taugt me to have a Vis Board! ( Vision Board) And to put on it things you aspire to, whether that be the fancy car, big house, holiday, tools, no matter how big or far away they are, put it up and visualise, living with them, the smell, the sounds, use all your senses and make it happen! I have just fired up my 1988 Ford Escort convertible last night, at last the sun has started to shine here in the UK and I have blown the cobwebs off it, checked her over and drove her 50 feet !!! The smiles on my face, like I was in a candy store! And tonight I will start to get her road legal again and I’m excited! THIS IS MY HORSE!!!

  4. LUCY

    Really nice article Yemaya: great for helping one get “back on the horse” if they’ve been feeling bumped off. Inspiring!


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