Your LOVECAST®: A Chatty, Flirtatious Vibe

Your Love Horoscope

Yesterday’s New Moon in Gemini starts the week off on a chatty, flirtatious vibe. Even better, the Moon-Venus conjunction in Gemini on Tuesday will be especially sweet for expressing your feelings or finding love online. Afflictions to Moon in Cancer on Wednesday, however, can produce an emotional tsunami, so strive to stay centered. Passion and drama make romance sizzle throughout the weekend! Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Is your love life turning into a full-fledge drama? Talk to Psychic Shauna ext. 9010 to see what’s going on.

Aries Love Horoscope

Sharing your knowledge, wisdom or humor is your best bet for attracting love or energizing your current relationship, especially on Tuesday. A trip may prompt a romantic encounter too. Just be mindful of contentiousness if you feel irritated on Wednesday. Passion escalates this weekend, when romance can be found at an entertainment venue or party!

Taurus Love Horoscope

The Mercury-Jupiter merger in your sign on Monday encourages you to share your ideas to attract positive people. Expressing your feelings may be difficult on Wednesday but will inspire love on Thursday. Your home may be the center of socializing during the weekend, so plan a get-together with friends or a cozy date with your sweetie.

Gemini Love Horoscope

Irritations may escalate at the start of the week, but Tuesday is an excellent time to meet someone special or express your appreciation to your partner. What’s more, Mercury entering your sign on Thursday (through June 6) will help you verbalize your ideas and feelings, especially this weekend, when love can be found online or while traveling. Feeling afraid to express your true self? Talk to Psychic Chanel ext. 5432 to see how to break through this block.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Your intuition will be especially strong this week, which you can use as a guide to finding the right partner or improve your current relationship. This increased sensitivity may increase your moodiness too, especially midweek. But you’ll be ready to party by the weekend, when a dash of glamour can ignite passion!

Leo Love Horoscope

Romance can come through a friend or group activity on Tuesday. An emotional issue from the past may come back to haunt you toward the middle of the week; a good time for some introspection. Admirers will be flocking to you like moths to a flame this weekend, so share your joie de vivre!

Virgo Love Horoscope

It’s all about getting out and being seen to attract romance this week. You may meet someone special during a public event or through a colleague, especially on Tuesday. Socializing can get weird on Wednesday. Your inner wanton comes out to play this weekend, when sharing your playful side attracts a potential paramour!

Libra Love Horoscope

The Moon hooking up with your Venus ruler on Tuesday can help you meet someone who connects with you spiritually or ignites your adventurous side. You may feel criticized by someone midweek, but by Friday, you’re back in the social limelight. Look for romance during a group gathering or community event.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Sex may seem overly complicated on Monday, but an intimate encounter can bring delight on Tuesday! Intensity may derail love on Wednesday, but feelings flow on Thursday, a great time for a rendezvous. Your exotic side adds a dose of drama that draws admirers this weekend. Look for romance during a party or performance.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Chaos reigns at the start of the week, but a rendezvous with your sweetie can bring you closer together on Tuesday. If you’re solo, you may meet someone compatible. Feelings may seem uncontrollable toward the middle of the week. Still, a sexy tryst will fire you up on Thursday! Your adventurousness is irresistible this weekend.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Romance can be found at work or while volunteering for a cause on Tuesday. A clash of wills may derail romance on Wednesday, but making up will energize you on Thursday! A generous gesture from the heart can lead to love (and perhaps a lusty interlude) on Friday or during the weekend.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

A romantic interlude can lead to love on Tuesday, so keep your eyes open for someone special or plan a soulful date with your sweetie. A conflict over work or time may disrupt your plans on Wednesday. Revealing your sensitive side inspires love on Thursday, but it’s your willingness to share your heart that attracts romance this weekend!

Pisces Love Horoscope

A friendly gathering or romantic tryst at your home will bring delight on Tuesday. Love may be conflicted on Wednesday. Romance can be found while socializing with coworkers or friends on Thursday or Friday. Your artistry and style make you irresistible during the weekend! Also, your helpfulness will help you attract someone special.

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14 thoughts on “Your LOVECAST®: A Chatty, Flirtatious Vibe

  1. Summer Love

    I spoke with Megan, ext 5621. I was comforted by her words, not all in life are peaches and cream, obviously, but I felt a warm spirited soul on the other end of my cell and overall, I enjoyed the encounter.

  2. jowana

    i dont care about love anymore idk care about astrology i dont car about help i dont care about any thing fuck being positive giving and supporting and sacraficing idc because love hurts and i dont want to her no forcast about it anymore i dont want anyrelationships for a long long time

  3. Uniqua

    Will I be able to get Robert back. I have hurt him and want to make up and show him I do care and could love him the way he wants to be love.

  4. Shawn S

    I think i understand that your forecasts are not (etched in stone) and only tell in a general manor a way that may help you through the day..week ect. Yet I see replies from others like you can (grant wishes) for instance. You are not genies. I do not know why none of my love forecasts are so entirely off base for me. Beleive me they realy are! I am not faulting you, i simply would like to understand why. I know that you take the info I have given you and have a forecasts that in a general way fit others of like birth dates. Its the same as well with other web sites only regaurding the love forecast. I try my best to remain impartial hoping to discover whyt. I can not afford a live session,

  5. Shawn S

    Well, I must tell you. Even though I DO beleive in astrology, your (love) forecasts for me have not had one shred of relevance. No, not even close. Beleive me with out boring you with details it is like you are talking about any one but myself.

  6. heidi

    All I ask was for my family to be altogether,for everytime I spoke to an psychic they tell me my kids father is going come back. But were still not together

  7. Asad

    Hey i Live in country IRAN BUT i Need a Love FROM united state because my behaviour is Like american people


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