Perfect Predictions: Career and Money

Our Psychics Predicted It!

For over 15 years, our talented psychics have been answering your career and money questions. Whether it’s about a difficult coworker, a raise, or a career change later in life, our psychics have helped guide customers down the path towards professional and monetary success. Here are just a few of the many predictions our psychics have made that have come true:

T.S. from Houston told us about Psychic Gillian ext. 5603:

“Gillian is AWESOME! Last week I spoke with Gillian about my concern over my career path. Gillian saw a certain “Department.” OMG, last night, I received a confirmation that I was referred to the next level with that very “Department”! I was totally blindsided by that one! I called Gillian this evening to tell her and, well, she sees more than one offer! Gillian, I will be back, definitely!”

K.F. from Los Angeles wrote in about Psychic Dezi ext. 5227:

“I spoke to Dezi last night for the first time. I got some bad news at work and needed guidance, but also quite frankly someone to listen. She did both and very well. I felt that she understood where I was coming from, put me at ease and gave me some great insight. One of the insights she gave into a manager at work has already proven to be true, less than 24 hours later. She’s also clearly very intelligent. I really enjoyed our chat.”

P.G. from Cincinnati wrote to us about Psychic Lumina ext. 5087:

“I called for advice on a job interview and Lumina told me what the outcome would be. Two days later during the interview, the offer exactly matched what Lumina had predicted. Her reading was comfortable and informative. We definitely made a connection.”

C.G. from Brooklyn wrote to us about her perfect prediction from Psychic Peyton ext. 5312:

“Peyton, I read with you on 2/29. You saw an increase in money coming my way within the next three weeks. I was hesitant to believe it because my salary was frozen indefinitely last September. On 3/14, I received a notice from my HR department informing me that I was getting a delayed Step Increase in my payroll on 3/16. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the prediction you made about a relationship matter will come to fruition, also.”

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9 thoughts on “Perfect Predictions: Career and Money

  1. dmarantz moderator

    Hello everyone. My best suggestion is to contact one of our psychics. They don’t do readings in the comments sections of blog articles. The readings are meant to be private, and this is a public forum.

  2. Suzanne

    Iam very intersted in Chakra and tapping. Iam trying to connect to my guides and angles but I feel like theres a block(so Ive been told) how can I connect with them.

    Thank You

  3. Yvonne Curry

    I was born on March 6 1947 in Mass. at 8:22 am and i would like to know if there is any money coming my way

  4. iSABEL

    Do let me know if i am goin g to be sucessful in getting a job as i have received 9 negative replies so far, and it is really depressing . do let me know as soon as possible, awiting ur kind reply.

  5. Mohit Sharma

    i was born on 21 june 1990 please tell about my career and money in life.

    if you need extra details related to me please e-mail me.
    Hope you will reply on my e-mail address.


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