Loving Beyond Gender

Love is Blind, Even to Gender

Have you ever wondered what your life would be if you fell in love with someone whose gender was NOT what you had believed you had previously believed to be attractive? If you are heterosexual, have you ever found yourself attracted to someone of your same gender? If you are gay or lesbian, what about a moment when you found that special magic with a straight person?

Back in the 1950s, Kinsey proved that sexuality and sexual interests are often very fluid. If you are single, what is to prevent your exploration of previously “forbidden fruits”? This is a time to open your mind and heart and explore your truest desires!

Many wonderful moments are lost in our lives because we adhere to “rules” that never belonged to us in the first place. Loving anyone is never a bad thing as long as it does not cause the eradication of your self-worth or destruction in the life of your beloved. Ask yourself who you really want in your life. What are their traits? Leave the gender out of the equation for a moment and explore your answers.

I am very happily engaged to a wonderful man who is transgendered (female to male) and this would never have happened had I not opened my eyes and my heart and allowed myself to explore who and what I really wanted in my life. I made a very detailed list of the kind of person I wanted in my world. After leaving gender out of the list, the Universe provided me with the perfect mate!

The wonderful actress, Joanne Woodward, once offered this sage advice: “Today I will not “should” on myself.” This advice is exceptionally sound when it comes to relationships of any kind. Instead of saying, “I should be with this person or that person because that is the kind of person I have always been told I should be with…” try finding your own path and allowing love to find you…regardless of the size, shape, color or gender in which it arrives.

No one can know the shadowed places in your heart, except you. Allowing the judgments or prejudices of others to rob you from something which could be a wonderful new beginning is a genuine tragedy. You have many gifts to offer the world and the world has many gifts to offer you. Do not limit yourself by adhering to the dogmas of others.

If you have found yourself at a romantic crossroads or if you need to find a way to allow love to find you, give us a call and let the joyous moments of discovery begin now! A good psychic will never judge you or your decisions.

7 thoughts on “Loving Beyond Gender

  1. Raissa x. 5361

    Congratulations, Jess! I love this! I’m thinking of so many connections where one person is waiting around for the other to ‘transform’ into the desired partner anyway. But when the evaluation of a potential mate is based on displays of actual character traits instead of wishes and fantasies, there is solid ground for both to stand on. So I guess it’s important to keep your eyes on the ground after all 😉

  2. Aisha x5865

    Jesse what a great article!
    Thanks so much for sharing this viewpoint with us all
    I agree with Gina Rose as well – Love knows no boundaries of age, gender, religion, color etc etc
    Love just IS –
    and when we allow ourselves to move within love then wondrous things await!!!

    Thanks for sharing your story with us as well
    Peace and Many Blessings!!

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Loved your article, Jesse !!!!

    Love, simply put, is love .

    Karma, ( and love ), doesn’t ” know” age, race, religion, social class status, location, wealth, or gender. It is a soul to soul, heart to heart, connection.

    Follow your heart and intuition.

    To thine own self be true.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  4. larry gallagher

    very good articie , yes i am bi but prefure female’s, but it’s hard to get ‘miss right’ & easy to get guy’s


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