Psychics Get Your Groove Back

Psychic Insight Boosts Self-Esteem

Psychics have an uncanny ability to see into all aspects of your life and their gifted insight can actually aid you in your own spiritual growth. Let’s take a glimpse at how several of our psychics assist with a specific self-esteem issue involving a real client, which can be applied to anyone in a similar situation who wishes to reclaim their lost ‘mojo.’

Internalizing Insults

This particular woman is dealing with someone she cares about who wounded her with words: “He called me fat, stupid, and ugly.” Psychic Giovanna ext. 5214 advises: “Low self-worth and self-limiting beliefs are at the core of mental abuse in relationships, and are something that can be healed over time, though recovery is a gradual process.” Here Giovanna illuminates the abusive relationship this woman is enmeshed in with a “supposed” loved one and offers her the hope of healing from this destructive relationship. Psychic Chloe ext. 9421 responds to this comment with: “In my readings I always remind my clients that their self-worth is not connected to whether or not they can please someone else.” Here Chloe addresses the importance of keeping others’ comments in perspective and not allowing their opinion to damage your self-worth and happiness.

Doing the Emotional Work

Psychics can open your eyes to the subtleties in a particular situation and guide you in the right direction with your emotional and spiritual homework, thus allowing you to overcome any negative circumstances and relationships. Psychic Zofeya ext. 5351 talks about setting boundaries: “In as kind a way as they can with family and close friends, they need to set that boundary. That’s the biggest thing. People often don’t set boundaries, especially with family members. Sometimes we let others walk all over us.” Psychic Nigel ext. 5311 reminds us that “Self esteem cannot be given to you, it must be earned.” Psychic Anya Dawn ext. 9179 says: “Whenever you are experiencing a really down period, please remember a time when you felt everything was exceptional in your life. That is the real you, connected and plugged in to your higher self.”

These psychics have offered sage advice regarding ‘doing the work’ in order to live with a healthier and happier spirit. They remind us that we must respect ourselves first and foremost, we must set boundaries to protect our souls from harm, and we must always plug into our higher self where our self-love and our ability to see the pure truth about ourselves—and others—resides.

Taking The Step

This glimpse into the valuable abilities our psychics possess exemplifies the caliber of counsel and insight they can provide about life’s most important issues, not the least of which is self-esteem.

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7 thoughts on “Psychics Get Your Groove Back

  1. misleading

    No one outside of my immediate family can hurt me in anyway, shape or form with words or actions. The worst thing in the world that they think they can say to me rolls right off. I am so happy for that. Yet my immediately family, the ones you are suppose to trust and give you support has managed to make me super strong to other’s comments by hurting me themselves. Now that that pain is over, I can move on and no man can bother me with words. He will find himself hurting from his own words.

  2. rebecca

    Anyone who abuses anybody in this way usually, they are one with the problem. They are the ones with low self esteem and insecure, they do this to take the attention off them. They wish to be accepted into normal society, they are the kind of people who will behave in this way all of thier lives. They always blame everybody else for everything, i know i have been in this situation and subject to abuse for 12 years
    . My answer is to get away from him or her and be around people who enhace your life and who make you feel good! Be happy life is too short……

  3. beth

    wow. what a jerk! i can relate to this senario.a guy i was seeing decided last year he wanted to see a woman at his job, i said okay and we went our separate ways. well here it is a year later he popped up at my sisters job. she told me he asked for my number and in the same note she told my he asked her to a movie, so he quote wont have to go alone. i told her she can go out if she wanted. since me and the guy were close i remembered his number and just said hello. he said he wanted to meet me just to talk about things i agreed. he said he was foolish i quietly listened. for the past year i have been busy working on myself in all aspects. since last year i was able to lose close to 60 lbs. everyone else tells me im looking great. now back to the senario with my sis he asked me could he take her out i agreed but i removed my self from the sistuation because i can see hes playing a game. well a month pasted he contacted me again saying that the woman from his job hurt him bad, and he was crying i told him people get hurt everyday, and he needs to let it go. he told me i wasnt being a friend, he hoped i dropped dead like my mom, and i jiggle. lol now i do jiggle but i have lost alot of weight and it was a time those comments he said would have cut deep to the bone, i know now he was just a loser and never deserved me, lol..happy libra

  4. shannon

    wow i know what to do now for guidance. i wen through the same thing with all the name calling. the day i really realized it was time to leave is when i was trying to have a decent conversation about some issues we were haveing he just blatently called me a crazy ass stupid bitch. im like asking him ok what made you feel like you had to call me that and why do you feel like thats the only way to talk to me and then i said if he really want to hurt me just tell me you dont love me or want me and there is nothing we do to change it. instead of the name calling. he refuse to talk with sense instead he laughed and repeat the words again then became reall quiet and went to sleep. i guess later he realized he was wrong and paid for my dental care and trie everything possible to keep me around him and in place. i let him think he still had my heart until the due date of me being around. i left him. i changed my number i didnt go home im at a friends house now because he would just show up late night to check on me and since my birthday was in a few days i realliy wanted to show him im done just in case he thought i was looking for a gift. i rather be alone than to be with somw one feeling alone. how can you be in an environment that makes you ill everyday. he almost killed my spirit just to know that someone you love can feel this way. its something i say lately to myself when ppl give me problems THIS WORLD IS TOO BIG TO WORRY ABOUT A FEW FOLKS THAT MEAN ME NO GOOD. it help me see life outside of my problems and feel life inside of me. i think of how wonderful life can be without the drama and invision smiles on others faces that enjoy life.
    next time to save time i will contact a psychic counsellor to help me save a lot of time in dragged out seemingly impossibilities because when your spirit is low it seem imposible you dont it yet that it is a clean way out.

  5. sweetz1

    Sometimes I let words define me. Even when I know their not true. Maybe this means that I have low self-esteem. Seeing couple in relationship define me as well. Meaning that, since I’m not with someone or my relationship ends, it causes me to fell negative about my self. Especially, when it ends with the one I truly loves. I start feeling real ugly and worthy. I just recently came from a bad marriage, which only lasted for two months. That in returned caused mental abuse. I’m still trying to cope. still healing! Much prayers needed.


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