Psychic Workout: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Seeing Into the Unseen

History tells us of the many uses of mirrors, not only for the purposes of personal grooming, but also as a divinatory tool. In various cultures, mirrors have symbolic significance. In the Western culture, the mirror is associated with vanity and ego. However, in Japan, the mirror is a representation of the Sun, bringing forth happiness and prosperity, especially when hung within the home. In the Middle East, mirrors are a sacred representation of beauty, in whatever form it reflects. Hindus believe that the mirror shows potential, and the depth that can be seen in a mirror reveals the depth of possibilities for the viewer.

Magickal mirrors, or scrying mirrors, are considered an intuitive tool. As opposed to the common mirror, scrying mirrors are typically black in color, and resemble a flat salad plate with beveled edges for safety and aesthetic appearance. The darkness in the mirror’s glassy appearance allows the user to slip into a deeper state of consciousness and the black is also less straining for the eyes, providing for longer periods of gazing and psychic work. Not only is a scrying mirror a gazing tool, it is also known to serve as a portal to the astral plane where communication with the higher realm and departed souls can take place. Scrying mirrors can help us unveil hidden knowledge and aid in clairvoyance, and remote viewing.

How to Use a Magickal Mirror

1. Place your mirror on a table, free from other clutter or distracting objects. You can prop your mirror at an angle, or lie it flat on the table and hover over the top for viewing. When scrying, your mirror should appear as a deep black portal. You do not want to see objects in the background reflecting on the surface of the mirror.

2. Turn off all light sources other than a candle, moonlight, or a dim night light. Obviously, you will want a small amount of light, enough to aid in viewing.

3. Before beginning, create a sacred space in which you feel protected.

4. Having arrived at a calm state of mind, begin to concentrate on the center of the mirror. Most importantly, look into it, not on the surface of it. There are two types of mental concentration. One form of concentration is where you direct your mind to one and only thought. The second form of concentration is where you cause the mind to become completely blank, and in doing so, the mind is susceptible to any thought or image that it receives. Either form of concentration is acceptable and can lead to the production of images.

5. As you stare, do not strain, but gently allow your eyes to focus and think of your desires, with the expectation of seeing images. Try to hold your eyes open, and avoid blinking, but continue to keep your stare gentle. As you practice, the muscles in your eyes will strengthen until a gaze can be obtained for a long period of time.

6. Don’t let your eyes wander over the surface, rather keep them in a fixed place, looking intensely into the depths of the mirror.

7. Eventually, the mirror may cloud over, appearing milky grey in color as if it was filling up with fluid. This is often the first indication of oncoming images. Another common vision is seeing ripples, as if a pebble was thrown into a pond.

8. Your focus will later travel beyond the mirror. Beginning with a few feet, and can gradually travel up to hundreds of feet. Images may begin to appear at a distance, but remember, you can mentally call them closer to the surface.

9. During your first attempt, perform this exercise for five minutes. It’s possible that you will have visions, but it’s probable that you will have little to none during your first attempt. Do not get discouraged if you do not have immediate visualizations. As with most activities, including sports, musical instruments, and even learning to read, they all require practice. The art of scrying is no different.

10. There are a few basic rules for caring for your magickal mirror. Never use the mirror for anything other than the intended purpose of scrying. Do not allow anyone to look into the mirror except yourself. When not in use, keep your mirror contained, or covered with a cloth. And lastly, charge the mirror under a full moon on a monthly basis.



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