Psychic Workout: Healing Energy

It’s spring time, and we all know what that means … time for a little spring cleaning!
Don’t complain, because this exercise addresses the magickal aspect of cleaning rather than the grit and grime.

When callers are struggling with “stuck” energy, wanting to create change, or “clear the air,” far too often they are neglecting the energies surrounding them in the areas which they spend the majority of their time — the workplace and at home. Energy lingers like dust on your bookcase. Stagnant and negative energy can affect thoughts, emotions and decision, but a simple exercise can significantly improve ones’ surroundings. What technique will you use?

Perhaps the most well know of spiritual cleansing methods is the Native American smudging with Sage. With this technique, light a small bundle of White Sage, known as a “smudge stick,” and briefly let it burn until embers begin to glow. Then by waving or blowing out the smudge stick, extinguish the flame. A steady stream of smoke will flow from the stick, and with a feather or your hand, fan the smouldering sage as you walk throughout your home or workplace. Molecules of the sage attach to the negative energies in the air, and transform them into a more harmonious energy. (Your choice of incense can be supplemented for this exercise).

Do you enjoy a hint of fragrance? Lavender’s well known healing properties can awaken stagnant energy in any room. Place a few drops of Lavender essential oil in a spray bottle, top it off with water, and most importantly, transform the water into sacred water by saying a blessing over it. As you walk through your home spraying the sacred water, silently focus on your intention of healing the home.

We have to mop the floor, so why not make it a sacred chore? Simply prepare your floor wash as your normally would, but the real magick lies in the motion of your cleaning. Move your mop in circular counter-clock-wise motions to banish negative energy, or you may choose to circle your mop clock-wise to invoke, or bring in positive energy. After performing this simple exercise, you will never look at floor washing the same! (This technique can also be performed while sweeping).

Crystals are used to absorb, repel or redirect unbalanced energies in the environment. Tiny quartz crystal points can be placed in each corner of a room or in the four outermost corners of a house or workplace to provide continued clearing and protection. Additionally, you may opt to place a few larger quarts crystals near doors for grounding and protection or to act as a guardian of your home.

Musicians, and singers attuned to sound vibrational energies will enjoy cleaning with sound. Singing, tuning forks, singing bowls, bells, wind chimes, instrument playing, chanting, and even clapping generate sound waves which transform energy in a room.

Sound vibration soothes negative energies and brings peace to an environment. Begin by creating sound at a slow, rhythmical pace while walking throughout your home or office, circling the perimeter of each room. Begin to increase your pace and sound while feeling an increase of positive vibrations in the room. (This can be an empowering exercise to share with small children that occasionally suffer from nightmares, since it instills a greater sense of control over a potentially negative situation.)

– Perform one, or all the aforementioned exercises.
– Perform a spiritual cleaning when moving/leaving a home or workplace.
– Begin early in the morning, at first dawn to draw in the most rejuvenating energy of the day.
Clean in silence as you focus on your intentions. Save the radio and sing-along for another day.
– Clean when you are alone. You don’t want random foot traffic from kids or pets disrupting your flow.
– When you’re done, light a small white tea light candle in each room for a harmonious finishing touch.


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