Miracle for Sale

If you saw our recent blog poll, most readers believe that miracles happen every day. But if you’re someone stuck in the daily grind waiting for your big break and dwelling on what you don’t have … you might not be in a mental state ready to recognize miracles when they come your way.

In a provocative blog post on the Huffington Post, Dr. Judith Rich asks, Are You Available for Miracles? She posits, “We are the wizards, the Merlins, the alchemists, the ones who can transform our thinking and thus, turn the lead of our lives into gold. But to do so, we must be “willing to notice”. We must be available for the possibility that in any given moment, we can meet life exactly as it is and create miracles.”

Psychics, readers, what do you think of this viewpoint? Where do miracles come from? Do we have control over what comes our way? How can we make miracles work for us?

7 thoughts on “Miracle for Sale

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  3. Carmen

    We do have control over our own miracles. How so? By being aware! I have witnessed and experienced many miracles in my life, and honestly I am baffled by how many people vehemently insist that miracles do not exist.

    Of course, it depends somewhat on what we define as a miracle. For some of us, merely being alive is a miracle. I think if one is open to the possibility that there are things that we simply cannot explain away with science, if one is self-aware and pays attention to every day life, one will be able to experience miracles all the time.

  4. Sirideain

    I personally believe miracles are brought to us as an outreach of divinity to strengthen our faith in both the divine and the infinite possibilities that can be discovered within a boundless universe…

  5. lonnie5185Lonnie

    Good articale Jen I believe in Miracles .There are different kinds of miracles everyday!

    Like the Sun comes up everyday!


  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I wouldn’t tell anybody to sit and wait and expect a miracle to happen.
    However, I would tell a client not to close off their mind to the possibility of a miracle. Miracles do happen everyday, large and small.

    Can we mainfest miracles…..yes, we are done here to learn and grow….we make create own Karmic path, in the current incarnation, by the choices that we make. The saying ” heaven helps those who help themselves ” rings true here.
    Or, as we who walk the Old Path say ,” the magick comes from within”.

    And then there are the other miracles, of a much more angelic/spiritual nature, meant to intervene and help us. Such as an angel or ” drop-in ” guide sent in to save a life. Sometimes awareness is key here.

    I try to teach my students to be ” present in the moment”, try to be aware.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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