Psychic Vali: Here Are My Secrets to a Happier Life

Secrets to a Happier Life

My Secrets to a Happier Life

Do you live a happy life? Do you even know what makes you happy? Maybe there are some things you’d like to change about your life, but you don’t know where to begin. If you’re like most people, your life could be happier and I’m here to show you how. Check out my secrets for a happier life and start living a life you love today!

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Take Note of What Makes You Happy and Unhappy

First take some time and think about the things you do. What makes you happy? What makes you unhappy? Sometimes people do things because they think they have to, but if they’re unhappy doing these things, they should consider doing them less or not at all. So when you realize something makes you unhappy, make a mental note to do less of it, or stop doing it all together if you can. When you realize something makes you happy, make a mental note to do more of it for a happier life.

Where You Are and Who You’re With

It’s not just about what you’re doing. It’s also about where you are and who you’re with. Look around you. Do you feel happier here than in other places? If you do, spend more time there. If you don’t, find another spot that makes you feel good. Look at the person you’re with? Do they make your happier than other people you’ve spent time with? If they do, spend more time with them. If they don’t, spend little or no time with them. This concept may not seem like a secret to you, but you’d be surprised how many people fall down the rabbit hole of unhappiness because they don’t do the things that make them happy, go to the places that make them happy or spend time with the people who make them happy. Good places and good people make for a happier life.

A Happy Home

When you think about your home, does it make you smile? Or, does it frustrate and aggravate you? “There’s no place like home,” but if thinking about your home doesn’t bring a smile to your face, then it may be time to changer something about it. If moving isn’t an option, you can still do many things to make your home happier. Give your home a good cleaning. Get rid of old clothes and old furniture. Get rid of gifts from people who are no longer in your life. Paint the walls a bright color and start a garden. Do whatever you can to create a home environment that makes you happy. A happier home is part of a happier life.

A Happier Job

Do you enjoy what you do for a living? Do you feel excited every morning while you get ready for work? How about your boss? Are they kind and fair or a micromanaging tyrant? You spend a lot of time at work, so it’s important for you to be happy there. If you love your job, there’s no need to change it to be happier, but if you don’t love it, you should do something about it. First, look for a new and better job. If corporate life isn’t for you, look for jobs where you can work for home. Or, consider opening your own business and working for yourself. If none of these ideas are an option, think about ways to make your personal life more fulfilling so work issues bother you less. If you have something to look forward to after a hard day of work, you’ll live a happier life.

Your Happiness Meter

If your happiness meter is low, try these quick fixes: You can dance, sing, make music, make love or play an instrument. You can watch a sunset with a loved one or get a four-legged companion. You can start eating better and exercising—just get moving and be active. Remember to be grateful for what you already have. Gratefulness is a key to a happier life. And learn to forgive—yourself and others. It’s time to get happier!

If you still feel stuck, you need a personal reading. I’m always here to help. Call me and I’ll get you on the path to a happier life! You have the ability to make the decision to change your surroundings, your social circle, your attitude and your life immediately.

Psychic Vali ext. 5062

8 thoughts on “Psychic Vali: Here Are My Secrets to a Happier Life

  1. Dawn lee

    Vali where are you??!? I been searching for you. You are so talented and 100% my go to girl. Everything we have spoke about the last years have been and taken place. You definately are a blessing to me but I can not find you please contact me ASAP Dawn GB Lee!!!!!

  2. LightA

    What a beautiful article. I really enjoyed reading these wise words and I’m happier as a result of it. Many blessings to you for helping others to live a happier life. 🙂 Positivity is a state of mind and, of course, altering our life in some way, associating with positive people who respect us and doing things which make us happier, changing our job, the colours in our home etc, all of these things can change our life for the better.

    Being happier is just a few steps away.

    It’s a shame more people don’t do it and live a life of unhappiness when feeling better is in their own control.


  3. billy hall

    Vali im i ever going to meet me a good women ive been by my self for four years now my x wife pass away and im lonely and ready to move on please help me if you can my friend i need a job i need to get closer to god and lieve the pot alone

  4. Dixie

    your ideas are sound and make good sense. Some of us need a helper type person around to encourage us ad keep us moving. I know I do. In the last 16 tears I’ve lost my husband, all siblings and inlaws, aunts uncles neighbors ,close cousins and all close friends. So somedays it’s really hard to be posative, buut you make a whole lot of sense. I’ll try.


    Thank you for your article Vali and your advice it is most helpful. For me I live with my Mom
    and she is very closed minded at times and moody. And your right I just do my thing and stay away and go to my room. I pray and I just stay away from the negativity and enjoy my
    my alter of positive objects and light a candle this helps a lot.

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Vali !!!!!

    So happy to see you writing…..loved your article.

    Hope your summer was a great one !

    Look forward to more articles from you.

    For the clients out there reading this….give Vali a try, she won’t disappoint you.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  7. Patricia Hanson

    As soon as I complete a move to a easier life and sell my home, I am counting on happiness to come in with freedom to take on activities I enjoy. Thank you for caring.

  8. Merry Haack

    Vali, you have done an awesome job ~ I’m delighted and impressed! At 72 and understanding we have many, many lifetimes, I delight in your sharing ~ for you have empowered others to bring sunshine and rainbows into their lives…. Right this moment, helping my grandson has deflated my bank account…BUT, I will remember your name and get in touch when I can as you certainly are one Earth Angel to very much appreciate and love…. Angel hugs


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