Psychic Valerie: Feel Like You Have It Already

Feel Like You Have It Already

Feel Like You Have It Even if You Don’t Have It Yet

Are you waiting for something important to happen? Are you waiting for the perfect romantic partner or the perfect job? Are your waiting for a bigger bank account? Are you waiting to be the perfect weight? We all want something we don’t have and when we want something, we want it to be perfect. But my loving question to you is, “Do you even know what it feels like to have the perfect thing you want so badly?” You may be saying to yourself, “How can I know what it feels like if I don’t have it?” Well, I am here to tell you that you can feel what it’s like to have the perfect thing you want, before you even get it. I’m also here to tell you that in order to get that perfect thing you want, you need to feel like you have it already.

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Here’s what you can do to feel the feelings of success without having succeeded yet:

1. Purposefully people your world. Go out and connect with people who only bring out the best version of you. They are the people who will make you reach just a little higher and try just a little harder. You will become each other’s cheerleaders.

2. Play music that feeds your heart and soul. It’s the music that makes you feel good. If you want romantic love, listen to romantic music. If you want a better job, listen to music that makes you feel strong and motivated. The right music makes you feel like you have it already, whatever it is.

3. Laugh a lot. Laughter raises your vibrations and allows you to get out of your own way. It also reduces stress.

4. Stop overthinking. We are all guilty of this from time to time, but it keeps us from making decisions and moving forward.

5. Watch movies. Movies can be great visual representations of the life you want. If you want romantic love, watch a romantic movie where the onscreen couple’s romance emulates the romance you want. If you feel loving and romantic without a relationship, you will feel like you have it already—that romantic love.

6. Be happy for other people. If a friend gets a new job, has a baby or marries the love of their life, be happy for them. Resist the urge to feel jealous or resentful, especially if someone else has exactly what you want. Jealousy and resentment will only slow you down.

7. Read books. Like movies, you can use books as literary representations of what you want in life. You can also read motivational books that help you feel better about yourself.

What You’re Telling the Universe

When you are seeking out the good feelings that come with success, before you are even successful, you are telling the universe, “More of this, please.” The universe will respond positively and give your more experiences that will make you feel happy. So make a game of it! Bring as many positive people and experiences as you can into your life. With every positive, happy feeling you create, you are raising your vibrations and positive energy will radiate from you.

Appreciation and Co-Creation

When something good happens, appreciate it and enjoy it! This ensures that you’ll experience more good things that make you happy. When you seek out positive, happy experiences, you are co-creating your life. If you bring happy feelings into your life, the universe will bring you more.

It’s time to stop wishing for things. It’s time to start creating your happy life filled with good feelings! Feel like you have it already!

Heartfelt Blessings,

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18 thoughts on “Psychic Valerie: Feel Like You Have It Already

  1. goldie

    tis very difficult to b upbeat living with a vietnam vet, but i try by humoring him and making small talk to try lifting his mood, any other suggestions?

  2. Celina

    I love this advice!! It is the same as the advice that, positive thoughts bring positive things” and “negative thoughts bring negative things”.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Nice article, Valerie….

    I especially liked #6.

    Jealous people waste too much time counting other people’s blessings instead of their own.

    Want success and happiness ???? Then invest your time and energy into YOU, in a positive and ethical way, and the things you care about and want.

    Consistency is key, keep at it.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  4. Nancy Barner

    After reading your web page this is the very thing I am doing for myself. Feeling that I already
    have what I am hoping for soon. And the more I think about and creating it in my mind the
    happier I feel. It’s as if I already have it. Thank you for confirming my beliefs.

  5. knarik

    Dear Valerie,

    I agree with all the points about possitiveness and success. But what if we live with my hubby’s grandmother, who is a very negative personality and brings us down all the time???

  6. Susan

    I think it very important that everyone know that Valeria lives exactly as she has written. She is good, kind and loving too. I send her love and respect as I have for years. Valeria I hold your intentions still and always.

  7. Noor-ul-Ain

    Dear Valerie,

    I really appreciate you for writing this blog which is very useful and motivating for people like me…:)… All the best..:)


  8. raymond

    well as much as I put faith in the stars when the father doesn’t give a two fiddlers I want need and wish for a huge lottery answer me show me you ability or gift will I in the near future have say a fifty million dollar win or am I to remain poor


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