Your LOVECAST®: Spontaneous, Unusual or Extreme

Your Love Horoscope

Wednesday’s Full Moon eclipse in Aries, which connects with chaotic Uranus, may bring about a spontaneous, unusual or extreme situation this week. Retrograde Mercury transiting into Libra on Friday (through November 7) can evoke a relationship discussion about the past. This weekend, Moon in Gemini favors brainy or flirtatious exchanges. Just be mindful of the Venus-Uranus opposition on Saturday, which may evoke your rebellious side. Best days for socializing: Monday, Thursday and Sunday. Here’s your love horoscope!

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Aries Love Horoscope

The Full Moon eclipse in your sign may stir up your inner anarchist with the need for freedom, which can rattle a relationship if you go to extremes. Your creativity will be heightened too. This weekend, the thrill of the chase or an attraction to someone unusual can set you on fire. Just watch out for impulsiveness.

Taurus Love Horoscope

If you’re in tune with your inner life, you’ll receive insights this week that eventually lead you to a person or situation that supports your hopes and dreams. You’ll just need some quiet time to access the guidance. Thursday is a good time for a date or to meet someone compelling. Trying something new will inspire romance this weekend.

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Gemini Love Horoscope

Expect the unexpected while socializing this week. A friend, group or potential paramour will awaken something new inside you if you’re open to a fresh perspective about your direction. You’ll likely attract people who are eccentric, brilliant or unpredictable. Your charm will be irresistible on Sunday, a good time for a sexy tryst!

Cancer Love Horoscope

Emotions will run high because of the radical Full Moon eclipse. As such, romance may be erratic, so it’s probably best to just go with the flow instead of trying to control the outcome. You may meet someone special through a friend or group on Thursday, but feelings will still be unsettled during the weekend.

Leo Love Horoscope

Your desire for adventure may see you jaunting off to a locale you’ve never been to before. At the very least you’ll plan something exciting. An admirer from afar may enter your life, or you may meet someone special during a spiritual or educational activity. Look for romance during a friendly gathering or community event this weekend.

Virgo Love Horoscope

The Full Moon eclipse may derail your routine which can awaken a new talent, idea or direction. You may also experience an “AH-HA! moment” that illuminates an emotional issue that hinders your love life. A sexy interlude can energize you on Thursday. Romance will be baffling on Saturday and highly energized on Sunday.

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Libra Love Horoscope

Expect a highly energizing, irritating or enlightening interlude with your sweetie or a close friend around the time of the Full Moon eclipse. Retrograde Mercury in your sign may prompt you to rethink some of your ideas about your personal life. A social gathering or spiritual group can bring romance on Sunday.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

The Full Moon eclipse coincides with your Pluto ruler clashing with Venus, which can evoke your dark side if you feel like a situation is beyond your control. Just chill and let things be for now. On the upside, revealing your feelings can inspire romance on Thursday, while your ideas draw admirers during the weekend.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Love may be a wild ride this week because of the Full Moon eclipse, which lands in your romance sector. You’ll be a magnet for a wide (weird) range of admirers. If you’re paired, getting adventurous together will fire up passion. Sunday is a particularly good time for a rendezvous with a lover or friend.

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Capricorn Love Horoscope

Some chaos concerning your home may arise during the Full Moon eclipse, which can evoke a sudden insight about your family or childhood. Romance can be found at a party or recreational activity on Thursday, a great time for tryst. A power struggle or change of plans may rattle a relationship this weekend.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

Your brainpower is highly energized now, so your words have the power to derail or inspire matters of the heart (and other areas). You may get the urge to shock someone out of their ill-conceived ideas. Be mindful of rebelliousness, especially on Tuesday or Saturday. You’ll be a magnet for admirers on Sunday!

Pisces Love Horoscope

Money will be in the spotlight during the Full Moon eclipse, which can propel a change of attitude about prosperity or spending. Monday is a good time for a tryst or to meet a potential paramour. A message may bring a romantic interlude on Thursday. Mixed messages abound on Saturday, but hosting a party will bring delight on Sunday.

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