Psychic Spencer: We’re Wired for Success

Catching Up With Psychic Spencer ext. 5643

Spencer ext. 5643 provides fast and sharp readings that you will not want to end. She keys in on you the minute you say your name out loud. Hearing just your first name and question, she intuitively explores your personality, lifestyle, and how others perceive you. Look forward to receiving articulate responses to your concerns as Spencer bonds with you clairvoyantly.

We sat down with her to explore her world, and got some awesome insight into her practice.

How did you become a psychic?

“[My ability] just showed up magically one night, later in life. Actually, I’ve been a practicing engineer for most of my career. I went through personal trauma, and right on the edge and end of the trauma it just started opening up. I saw all kinds of people around my bed; they just showed up. It was quite frightening. Luckily I had a colleague, a friend who was actually in the business, a pro psychic, who mentored me and helped me through it, and one of the ways she suggested I come to terms with this and become more competent was to start giving readings where I could see where what was occurring had validity. That’s how it began.”

What are some of your most notable successes with clients?

“I had a client who had a fabulous relationship late in life. But after dating the person for two or three months, the individual broke up with her. They had a very deep, unique, almost organic connection. And she very much wanted the relationship back. A lot of times I see that the other individual is not coming back, but this one had the potential to come back. I saw the fact that this other individual needed time—close to three months to just have time away and then a slow build maybe over another three months to get back to the relationship before it would take off again. I walked my client through these options, because it all comes down to choice—if you’re willing to do the work and have the strength and patience to see this through—and she actually did. She calls me every couple of weeks. I would look at her energy and other individual’s and offer her options to consider. She followed these suggestions for three and a half months until first contact was made with the romantic interest. We spent another three months slowly bringing them back together on a friendship level before the other individual actually engaged in a romantic overture and started the romance up again, and I think considering the time, the clear energy and the dedication of this man, it’s a remarkable story. Most people run out of patience before they see something like that through. This client was calling me every few weeks. It was fabulous to have a client that not only was engaging but actually did some of the things I saw and suggested and got great success. She’s very happy now.”

Can you recall another success story?

“I have a client that calls me once a week, who’s coming out of a personal financial crisis. She got a divorce, and her husband took everything. She’s in her mid-fifties. She’s starting over, and I’m helping guide her through her work choices, to see how those would play out. With savings and cash management, she’s doing things differently. She’s got a terrific position now, she’s putting cash away, paying down past debts, and seeing some real light at the end of the tunnel. She’s fabulous.”

If you could get people in the world to recognize one thing, what would it be?

“That there’s no reason for fear of any kind. If people could in general know what I know or see what I see, nobody would need to act out or carry any fear whatsoever. Fear holds us back. It’s such a shame. We’re wired for love, happiness, success and fabulous lives here on this planet, and then we go muck it up, based on fear and poor choices. We make life hard and miserable, and those are choices. We don’t have to choose that. We don’t have to go that way. We all can have happiness fairly easily. But we get in our own way. I help people dissolve the barriers they put up for themselves.”

What can Spencer ext. 5643 see for you?

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  1. Karen

    Wow what beautiful stories I really enjoyed reading these and is nice to know that people do have lights at the end of the tunnel, as I have had myself over the years.

    God Bless.
    Love and LIght


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