We Teach People How to Treat Us

Become Your Own Force for Change

No one deserves to be treated unfairly or be the recipient of abuse of any kind, be it mental, emotional or physical. However, we continue to allow it to happen to us, time and time again. The question is, how do we break the cycle? I don’t believe that we can escape pain entirely, but I believe that we are in control of our own destinies. We all have a choice—we can either be the force for change, or we can be subject to it. Unless you are under severe restriction and limitation (such as prison), the choice is totally and completely yours.

So how do you become a “force for change” in your own life? How do you turn it around from being victimized time after time to actually having a choice in what happens to you? The answer lies within this statement: “We teach people how to treat us.” Period.  No matter how we would like to blame someone else, it always, always starts with ourselves! You will need to start seeing things from the perspective of possibilities instead of limitations—no ifs, ands, buts or maybes about it! The bottom line is, if you’re going to act like a doormat, you’re going to be used like a doormat. However, if you act like an empowered, confident person that deserves dignity and respect, then you will be treated with dignity and respect. It’s not enough to know it. I need you to know it and feel it. That’s what will get the results you want.

Have you ever wondered why your best friend seemed to score in the great-partner department, while you’re left waiting until your Mr./Ms. Right comes along? And why did you get the broken cookies in your lunch while your sibling got the perfect cookies? It’s not because you aren’t good enough, or you have funny hair, or one leg is shorter than the other, and it wasn’t because you didn’t deserve to have the best either. You just never demanded the best. Instead, you pretended that getting the short end of the stick didn’t really bother you. You just stepped aside and allowed others to take the best of everything while you settled for whatever was left. The message you sent was, “I’m not important, so do whatever you’d like to me and I’m okay with that.” Well everyone got the message and did just what you told them to do.

One of the most difficult truths to understand and accept is the role we play in our own dysfunction, and that no one has the power to do anything to us without our permission. That’s right! Each and every one of us is the cause to our own experience. We will be treated by others exactly the way we have taught them to treat us! You send this information out to them in a few different ways:

1. The projection (either conscious or unconscious) of our thoughts, feelings and opinions of ourselves that we send out into the Universe to be acted on by the Law of Attraction.

2. The behaviors and treatments that we allow and accept from others.

How do we change these messages now that they’re out there? It’s simple, but it’s not easy! With patience, persistence, a positive attitude and practise, we can all raise the bar of our expectations for proper treatment from others, but it all starts with ourselves. We really do teach people how to treat us, and in understanding and accepting this truth, we are paving the road to our own peace and happiness. To live a life of love and to release ourselves from the pain of the past, first we must forgive. Forgive those who have hurt you and then realize and accept the fact that indirectly you attracted this energy. More importantly, you need to forgive yourself.

Each one of us is the individualized expression of the Infinite in mind, body and soul, and we deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, love, kindness, compassion and caring. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and pave your road to a wonderful life by loving yourself, being kind to yourself, and most of all, expect nothing but the very best from yourself and others. After all, you’re the perfect child of God. There is no one out there quite like you and you‘re infinitely worth it!

4 thoughts on “We Teach People How to Treat Us

  1. Terri

    I enjoyed the article w / the exception we all attract everything into our lives. (what about children who have been molested and raped).. ??any suggestions on what purpose or lesson they are suppose to be learning? would love any helpful advice..thank you & God Bless you.

  2. marc from the uk

    WOWSA powerful stuff! The laws of attaction, makes sense, but not forgting Psychic Shyla that we are also here to learn Karma lessons, we cannot surely all be angels withou earning those wings, and in being understanding off others we must be in thoe shoes first!


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