Psychic Royce: What’s Your Soul Color?

Understanding the Psychic Meanings of Colors

Color is a palette of light that a soul communicates with to express, inspire, nurture, grow and motivate. What a specific color says about your soul can change throughout your journey of life, communicating the needs and desires of your soul at any time.

Here is what your soul can reveal through color:

Yellow says you feel nurtured by light. You are confident, optimistic, and comfortable expressing outward. You have nothing to hide and like sharing that courageously with others. You also enjoy absorbing the light. If you keep this confidence going long enough, you will eventually turn to gold and attract and build wealth.

Green says you are a soul that is aware of your vital life force and the connection you feel to nature, vitality and growth. You are often grounded in the practical, physical elements of life. This is a color that nurtures and centers you. Regeneration and healing draws success to you. Witnessing the transformation and growth of other souls and lifeforms will be profoundly satisfying to you.

Orange says you enjoy celebration and artistic expression. You are happy to be alive and communicate and inspire others easily with your enthusiasm. You are an alchemist that easily manifests your desires. Many others will benefit by assisting you in all your creative pursuits.

Purple says you have much depth, wisdom and knowledge about spiritual connectivity. You pray, meditate and notice the subtle shifts that have profound meaning in life and light. You are your own guide and can summon mastery when you desire it. Abundance and wealth are yours for the asking.

Pink says you are drawn to the gentle, the kind and the compassionate. There is comfort for you here and you want to magnetize others to you through your soft, nurturing and loving nature. And then there is hot pink. You want to attract others to you like moths to a flame.

Blue says you feel a deep connectedness with the vastness of creation. You have the ability to concentrate and draw to you whatever you focus your attention on. You are also quite content to pursue knowledge and mastery on many subjects just for the pure pleasure of knowing you know.

Red says you are here! And you are going to remain here until you accomplish what you choose to accomplish. You will do it your way and other souls will enjoy watching you accomplish what you set out to do. If they choose to remain in your presence, it just might inspire them to blaze their own trail.

17 thoughts on “Psychic Royce: What’s Your Soul Color?

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I read auras and can tell you that the soul and it’s aura changes color constantly, reflecting our moods, thoughts, and even physical ailments.

    trivia : even old surgical scars such as appendectomys can be seen in the aura, sometimes emotional trauma will scar the aura too.

  2. Psychic Giovanna x5214

    To discover your soul color, reading with a psychic specializing in this type of reading such as Royce, an aura reader or clairvoyant with the gift can provide some very interesting information.

    Also, as to the question regarding black… it’s not a color. It’s the absence of light and the opposite of white, which represents all colors in the color spectrum.

    I also saw some questions regarding aura colors… auras have layers and overlays which can change, while your “core” aura color is relatively more consistent.

    We have lots of archived articles here on the CP blog from readers and writers alike with details about auras, colors, etc. If you go to the top of the website to the right and type in search terms, you’ll find a wealth of existing information on the subject, as well as an idea of which readers here on CP specialize in these types of readings. A quick call to Customer Service can also provide recommendations for readers who specialize in auras and color.

    Many Blessings~
    Giovanna x5214

  3. Royce x5448

    Thank you all for responding so positively to this article! I love color and all it’s infinite shades and combinations. As huge beings of light and diversity, we often change the color or colors we express through because we are in a constant journey of motion. A soul is not limited to one color due largely to this state of constant change and growth. Every soul contains the entire rainbow within and will reference “white” or “black” when reflecting or absorbing, both necessary for soul growth.
    May we all continue to express our unique value in LOVING, LIVING COLOR. 🙂

  4. Jane

    Lol, It didnt occur to me to ask what my soul colour is, I just thought of my favourite colour, which is RED, then the colours that my family like best, and they all match up, so while I like all colours, but prefer the firey ones, it made sense to me. I like to live in yellow, any shade of it, so maybe time I add gold and see how that works. Loved the article.. Thanks xx
    Pssss dont people realise that black and white are not considered real colours on the spectrum of colour… and we on this side of the world spell’colour’ my way, old habits die hard.

  5. Nicole

    I could be way off base but I believe your soul color is comparable to your aura. It is a color that psychics see around you (if they have this ability) when they connect with you. I have been told that I have a bright white light around me and that it means people are attracted to me to help solve their problems and it at times will have black spots because of negativity being brought to me, so I was also curious as to what Royce’s view is on that color. I didn’t gather like others that it has anything to do with what you wear.

  6. Eleanor

    I love all those colors plus black and white. What is a SOUL COLOR and how do I find it? Color is a mood thing each day can be different. I am artistic so color , all color, has meaning to me.

  7. Storm

    How do you know what color your soul is? What are the chances of your soul being multicolored? I see a few colors that remind me of myself. I’m very curious. Please let me know. I would love to learn more about this topic.

  8. Khummo

    Wow ! I just love the way these colours are defined and i relate to each and every colour because i just love looking good and that depends what mood i`m all these colours i own and love or enjoy wearing them.


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