Date and Love a Pisces

What Does Pisces Want in a Relationship?

If you like action and adventure with a romantic subplot, then you’ll love dating a Pisces. They draw you in and make you want to get to know them.

Diving in

When venturing into the ethereal, watery world of Pisces, be prepared for the unexpected. If that makes sense to you, then we’re on the right track. If nothing else, Pisces is unpredictable, and even if you find that annoying in others, you might find it fascinating in a Pisces. They have a mysterious way about them that draws you in and makes you want to get to know them better.

Dating a Pisces

They’re mysterious souls and their playground is the ocean we call the universe. A Pisces can easily swim their way into your heart, but you’ll probably have to make at least the first gesture if not the first move entirely if you want to know them better. If you have similar likes and values, then you’re well on your way to a magical romance that only grows with time. Pisceans may be wildly whimsical in their thoughts but their hearts long for a safe place near the shoreline.

Love and the Pisces Woman

She’s intuitive, sensual, charming and captivating. You often get the sense that she’s harboring a secret or two and you’re probably right. A Pisces woman needs a partner who makes her feel understood and protected; someone who will be there for her and at the same time will leave her free to be herself. She will give you nothing less in return. In her ideal relationship she knows she can rely on her partner even when you’re apart.

Many Pisces women make their living in the arts since they have such a creative and artistic flare. That flare carries over into the bedroom where they will often create an otherworldly atmosphere with scented candles and soft, billowy clouds made of pillows. The Pisces woman loves to be in love and when it comes to love and sex, there is no separation of the two. To her they are as one and as a couple so are you.

Love and the Pisces Man

The Pisces man is intuitive, changeable and can read people like a book. If you’re in love with a Pisces man, then you know you’re dating a caring, sensitive soul who needs to genuinely connect with someone who has similar likes, values and outlook. That connection allows him to venture out into the world with confidence that there’s someone waiting for him at the end of the day. You never see a Pisces pictured as one fish; there are always two and that speaks to the emotional duality of Pisces and also their need to connect with that one special person who understands their ever-changing emotions and who will back them even when they change their mind (which may happen often).

As a couple you’ll ideally live in some sanctuary away from the world, preferably near water, where the two of you can be as one—a concept mostly likely invented by a Pisces.

44 thoughts on “Date and Love a Pisces

  1. Wendy

    I am a Pisces woman, I find I am drawn to the Virgo Man, my best relationships all have been Virgo’s although I am curious to see what a relationship with a cancer is like.

  2. Wendy

    I am A Pisces woman, and I have found myself drawn to Virgo men. don’t know why but that is the sign I am always drawn too. I’m curious to see what a relationship with a Cancer would be like.

  3. virgoguy

    I caught myself a pisces and I’m a virgo. She new I have a gf but keeps flirting with me so I took the bait coz she was so hard to resist. We’ve been having sex and its jst freakibg breath taking, out of this world orgasm whenever we nake love. I don’t know how long this fling will last, but I am falling for this pisces because my current gf is so boring in bed but she can cook and this pisces don’t know Jack except the ultimate pleasurer. I’m totally lost n fkd up big time!

  4. cheryl

    why is it so hard for the pisces female to find a true soul mate?
    why do the pisces female always trust and fall in love with the wrong persons always ending up on the short end of stick…alone?

  5. LJ Innes

    dear readers – more than one person asks here “why do pisces lie so much?” and although I don’t know your particular pisces person, I will say that there is a duality to their personality (two fishes) and they tend to swim from one side of the pool to the other – it’s their gutteral reaction to things based on information they gather moment to moment which is also tempered by their current mood – they tend to flip/flop more than straight out lie. But everyone’s capable of lying – it’s a personal choice that we all have. thanks everyone!

    1. Jessica

      Pisces lie because they are secretive and dont want ppl in there business, ican only speak for me …tbats the reason i lie …ppl be all in our buisness so i tell them what they want to here

  6. LJ Innes

    Thank you everyone for all of your responses – of couse there’s way more to a Pisces (or any sign) than can be told in one article – and there is more to a person’s personality than just their Sun sign – If you’re having trouble in love, the best thing to do is to consult a psychic who can give you insight to all of love’s up and downs (hopefully more ups than downs). Thanks everyone for your comments, I read then all and appreciate them all.
    Love and Starlight,

  7. Teri

    I am a true Pisces through and through. And I will say just about everything I’ve read is pretty accurate. Except I’m not easily led. I have had my heart stomped on a few times because I trusted when I shouldn’t have. But no the less … I still believe in romance and that there are good guys out there.

    I also wanted to respond to one person “K”… I don’t lie… and actually I cannot stand a person who does. To me it shows no character. I am quite the opposite and at times too blunt.

    I also noticed a few comments on sign compatibility.. Leo/Pisces not good. We need the “attention” not needy but security… Leo doesn’t give it.. personally I’ve alway seem to be attracted to Scorpios (If I told you how many were in my life you wouldn’t believe it! And many times I was attracted before even knowing they were a Scorpio.

  8. Jennifer

    I am a pisces female (2/26). I have never read something about a pisces female that isn’t acurate. I understand many of the complaints I have read here about pisces, especially the men. I would not be able to handle them myself! If a pisces really cares about improving their faults, we can be dedicated, non-smothering, and not so emotionally sensitive people. I do believe it takes WORK on our part to accomplish this! 🙂 Over the years I have paid attention to complaints about myself in relationships and worked to improve where I lacked. I am capable of looking at every failed relationship and finding the good in what I learned from it. It’s all about growth. The best relationship I have experienced is with a cancer man (7/17). It has been surreal and we are going on four years. Signs I haven’t been compatible with are libra, aries, virgo, aquarius, and gemini. I can have friendships with these signs, but nothing more.

  9. shawna

    I am an Aries and I think Pisces men are awesome. They understand me. I recently dated an aquarian and omg the most self centered egotistical mean person I have ever met. Now I am dating another Pisces. He’s wonderful.

  10. So what??

    Never expect the whole truth from a pisces. They will just “swim around the truth and tell you what you want to hear”. Not very good at being completely honest, kinda sneaky actually. Moody too. Probably the most complicated sign of all. Worst sign of all?? Yeah i think so.

  11. LadyLaw71

    My Dad Is A Pisces, He Turn 73Yrs. Old 2Day (2/21), & He Is Been w My Mom 4 Goin 46Yrs (3/26); He Never Cheated On Her or Ever Treated Her Bad, He Is A Very Luvin Man Jus Dn’t Piss Him Of Lmbao??!! I (10/1/71) Had A 7Yr Relationship w My Daughter’s Dad Who Was A Pisces (3/6/73-7/2/04), It Didn’t Work Out @ All, & Be4 He Died He Bcame Controllin/Abusive In Every Way He Tried/Lied So Much That I Wouldn’t Touch Him @ All Be4 He Passed; I 2 Went Jail Protectin Myself w Defense Cause He Got 2 Violently Scary One Day??!! He Had A Very Unhappy Child Hood & When He Saw How My Parents Luved Me I Think He Was Jealous Of That.. I’m Cryin Abt This Cause I Tried Everythang In My Power 2 Make Him Feel Luved But It Was Never A Much & He Died One Month Be4 Our Daughter Could Turn 2Yrs. Old, It’s Been Ruff Raisin My Little One (8/21) On My Own, & I Thank God He Is In A Better Place; I Pray One Day Our Little One Understand That One Day In Jesus Name!!
    P.S.: I Feel Pisces Men That Are Born In Febuary Are Much Better Guys Than Pisces Born In March Frm Wat I Have Learn Frm Bein Around Them, Unless They Had Good Up Bringin Frm There Parent’s or Family or Unless There Name Is Shaquille Onea(3/6/72) Lmfbao??!!

  12. sharon

    im a Sagittarian and wanted to know if the Pisces is a great combination and the described detail about a Pisces was all so true they have so much to hide but how in the world do you win them over?

  13. virgo

    I am terribly sorry for this but i would not touch any piscean person if you paid me as i am a virgo and i know on how to go around trouble and this is definately one of them as water belongs with water signs and that is that as 7-7 sun sign patterns you must be joking, as my own mother was one and thank god that i had stayed clear from her as she was for ever putting me down not that it was her fault in any form of way but our communication as i got older just drifted apart as she knew what i knew and i knew on what she knew so we were basically living in a peanut shell that was not going no where, but all in all she is still my dear mother and sometimes we may talk to each other once in a blue moon it’s not our faults it’s just that we are two different spirited people, and thank god i had learn’t why through Astrological evaluations and through Metaphysics of which it had taught me to understand why, but once again they are much better off with a pices like themselves of which is the mutable communicator of the water element or a scorpio or a cancerian as a scorpio is the fixed organiser of the water element and the cancer is the cardinal or the born leader of the water element and all of these (3) just sum it up as the whole three of these water signs are just plain and pure (sensitive) with a capital ‘S’, as there are only another (2) signs that they would get along well with as well and they are two Earth Signs and for the piscean a Taurus of which is the fixed organiser of the Earth element or a Capricorn of which is the Cardinal leader or the born leader of the earth element (material) and even with both of these Earth element sun signs if they can put up with the piscean short comings well then they would fit in quite harmoniously well, but to me personally water signs should stick with water signs and Earth signs stick with Earth signs as this would give far better empathy and understanding towards your very own personality traits, well god bless and the best of British and take care.

  14. Rina

    I’m a Pisces born 2/25 & I was seeing an Aquarius.. It’s been a up & down roller coaster, there so insensitive & self centered. Same as a Virgo man they’re just not a match 4 Pisces… What they say bout my sign is very true, but we do get hurt easily & we love hard…

  15. valerie

    I am a female Pisces and we are loving people with big hearts. For Kal123 did you ever think for one second that maybe your problem was you and not your male pisces…. please don’t think that you was always right because it takes 2…. best of luck to the both of you…

  16. alvina

    My boyfrnd is piscean and he is just like as ur article says.. I like to thank you bcoz ur articles give me knowledge so that i can go on the right way..
    Many many thanx to California phychics..

  17. BB

    I’m a Cancer woman and i’m dating a Pisces man and this describes him to a “T” No matter how many times he looked at me I did have to make the first move to actually talk to him…. we’ve been together 6 mths and I haven’t regretted it yet. Everyday we discover new things we have in common, likes, dislikes from food to music and everything in between. In 30 mins he can change his mind 10 times but i’m used to that now and it doesnt bother me. If i’m feeling down I get a call saying he felt I needed a hug…. our dream place to live??? On a small Island located in Georgian Bay…..

    He pours his heart out to me then tells me we should slow down and let things happen naturally…. really made me wonder if his feelings were true or not…. after reading this…. there’s no doubt in my mind this man is my soulmate.

    If you can connect on an inner level with a Pisces man…. I would hold on for dear life and enjoy the ride.

  18. crystal

    im a pieces woman march 2nd and ive been with two pieces men one currently and for sure amazing things happen when were together . once i was hugging my boyfriend n hile standing with my ams around him i felt our bellys inside like moving or dancing insynk with one anothers what a trip but i love it lots !!!!! another piecs is the only way!lol

  19. ilat

    My Piscean love of 32 years passed 5 years ago on his birthday. He was just as described in your article. I was so fortunate to have had in in my life, and I miss him but know he is happy where he is now. I feel so sorry that kal123 was unfortunate in her relationship with a Piscean man. There must of been other factors in his personality (and/or natal chart that would have shown those behaviors) I am sure not all Pisceans are like that. Maybe I was just lucky….well, I know I was and I am grateful for that.

  20. Ingrid

    Absolutely. I am 2.25 bday. libra moon sign, virgo rising, having affair with Gemini man- historically my most electric (sometimes to the point of shocking) relationships are with Cancer’s – my most compatible in friends, lovers, etc.

  21. Melania

    Beautiful writing this article (among others) why I like it so much? because I’m Fish ,and I found myself in this article, which is very true….

  22. Latasha

    That is so true about the male pisces. I’m currently dating one and we have a connection like no other. He and I connect so well. Also I notice that he does change his mind quite often, and at times that can be very fustrating.

  23. Ann Marie

    Everything they said about Pisces females is soooo true.

    I am a Pisces female (bday 2/25) and Araanza I agree with you. I recently dated a Leo man and it was a total disaster! Never again. I don’t think in this case that fire and water made steam lol instead I just had a migraine the entire relationship.

    Best compatbile signs in my opinion for a Pisces female are a Taurus man or a Scorpio man. Love those 2 signs…

    I once dated a Pisces male and the Pisces-Pisces thing did not work for me.

  24. Carla K

    Im a taurus and am currently single i always was under the impression i wasnt compatible with a pisces but agter reading this if one comes across my path i will definitely be open to a relationship if possible

  25. zaria

    my husband was a pisces. and after his passing i havent mate another , pisces man yet were are thay. 25 years of love. i miss him so.

  26. joyce

    i would like to know if starting out with a friendship , with a pieces would end up in a realtionship with a picese? i,m a gimini . thank u ! i was told that i should be with a pieces! not really sure?!”” HELP PLEASE “!

  27. Ann

    you surely hit the nail on the head with this one I was in love with a pisces but he was so changable all the time I never knew if he was in love with me or not
    it never was about me it was always about him and I just could not deal with this

  28. Shawna

    im dying to meet my soul mate. Have been single and dating but none of the guys seem to be in tune with my soul. Can you help?

  29. ferdousi

    In my work I am fellingfor someomone very attracive,my emotion is groingfor him.I dnt know what he things of me.As a virgo i want one heart pure,natural.

  30. kal123

    I was married to a Pisces for way too long. I have never met a more malicious, cruel and heartless person in my life! His infidelities were numerous and his dishonest manipulative behavior seemed to be without any boundaries. I went through a period of time when I very sick and at times hospitalized and he was out nightly with a variety of women. His addictive and abusive personality is without restraint. Ever the dreamer he can rarely hold down gainful employment and is an emotional bottomless pit in need of constant approval and ego boosting. I have finally had enough of his raging temper tatrums and giving him chances and believing his syrupy sweet lies as he can be quite the charmer. Thank goodness my divorce will be final soon and I can rid my life completlely of this parasitic emotional vampire. I have known other Pisces males who were mean-spirited in much the same as my almost ex. I’ll not ever get involved with another Pisces man!


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