Psychic Pilar: We are Powerful Beyond Measure

Unlocking Our Potential Power

Pilar ext. 5677 shares a very simple message: We need to trust our own power. Not only are we more powerful than we think we are, but we have the power to live the life we truly want.

We can tap into our power—our universal mind—and manifest the results we want to see in our lives. We can harness the infinite energy of the cosmos, which wants us to be happy and prosperous, and use it to overcome the blocks and negatives in our lives. It’s a question of focusing on the positive, getting our of our own way and allowing the power of the divine to work through us and clear the path towards the life we truly need and yearn for. The spiritual blessings of the universe are waiting for you to tap into them, as Pilar ext. 5677 reminds us.

Pilar ext. 5677 is deeply honored to provide readings. She specializes in relationships, career, spirituality, women’s issues and loved ones that have crossed over. A big believer in free will, she assists by explaining options. Her higher-self connects with your guides and loved ones beyond. You may hear her taking deep breaths while she hones into the extrasensory world. Please share your name and birth date and Pilar will focus on your needs. Spanning over 20 years, she started her psychic career by being extra sensitive as a child. She would see upcoming events, share them with her family, and then they would witness them happening all around. Given those natural abilities, she started to research and study metaphysics. She feels that everyone has the same potential to hone their own gifts. Pilar wants you to “feel clear on what you want the reading to be focused on” and she hopes that you “come out with an amazing sense of clarity that far exceeds your expectations.” She comes from a background in the Arts, Customer Service, Marketing, Advertising, Travel and Real Estate. Pilar says that “readings help you pick up the phone and make sure that you are on the right path.”

What can Pilar ext. 5677 see for you?

One thought on “Psychic Pilar: We are Powerful Beyond Measure

  1. joseline

    Thank you Pilar,it’s very encouraging!.my birth date is 6/5/1982,what do you see for me??!,concerning relationship,and my mother who past away in 1994,i never had a closer from her.thanks


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