Your Soulmate Horoscope for February 2013

Will You Find Your Valentine?

Venus in Aquarius for the bulk of the month adds a certain… uncertainty to all things romantic. How do the planets affect your love life this month?

Here’s your soulmate forecast for February 2013.


Something or someone who has been in the back of your mind suddenly pops up and in the please where you least expect it. Be ready for a connection to find you anywhere and anytime… or not.


You’re feeling even more sensitive than usual. Perhaps this is because you have a lot invested in the outcome of a current relationship or flirtation. Be honest about your feelings. If this person is right for you, it won’t scare them away.


The first 10 days of the month may bring a special connection. Whether it turns out to be “the one” is unclear and dependent on circumstances, but the connection will have a life-altering impact.


Intimacy is revving up, Cancer. Cooperation, communication, deep conversation and romantic bonding are highlighted, giving you the astrological go-ahead to dive right in.


While you tend to try to hide your feelings, they’re close to the surface these days lion. Rather than being ashamed, wear them on your sleeve. You have a chance to find harmony and balance with someone, whether or not it works out.


Be patient, but put yourself and your needs first. You don’t want to exhaust yourself trying to suit someone else. Now is not the time to dive in without assessing a situation.


Casual romance is highlighted this month, and that needn’t mean the relationship goes nowhere. Rather, it simply emphasizes an easy-going flirtation is coming your way. Keep an eye out!


You’re feeling lighter, brighter and more spontaneous than you have in some time, and attracting people as a result. Odds are good for connection with the types of people who matter most; your ilk.


You’re connecting with those nearest and dearest—your soulmates, in the romantic and platonic arenas. This is a great time to engage with them and watch your relationships deepen.


Your environment supports your goals. If those are romantic, those around you will appear attractive and engaging. Teamwork is highlighted.

“We are spiritual soul energy beings, made up of pure energy, only on the earthly plane to grow and learn karmic life lessons, inhabiting the earthly plane in physical form.” – Gina Rose ext. 9500


The planet of love in your sign from the 1st to the 25th boosts your romantic relationships and general appeal. Single? Worry not. You’ll have plenty of chances to meet that special someone, and the odds are good you just might!


Things are quiet for you for the bulk of this month. You don’t necessarily feel like getting out there or sharing your feelings when you stay in. That changes after the 25th, when Venus enters your sign. Look out March, here you come!

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