Full Moon Forecast for February 2013

Align Yourself With Your Dreams

On February 28, two vastly different but mutually beneficial events occur in tandem as Venus conjuncts Neptune on the night of the Full Moon in Virgo. Individually, these aspects have plenty to offer us. Combine them, however, and the day takes on a whole new meaning. Translation? The last day of this month offers a perfect opportunity to align with your dreams—and organize yourself well enough to actually achieve them!

Here are some tips for harnessing the energy of this influence:

Be Self-Centered, But Not Selfish

Love is the force that dominates this influence and you’ll be well served to spread yours around at this time—including to yourself. The Venus-Neptune conjunction encourages us to be selfless. Think of others and place those we love on par with, or even before, ourselves. Meanwhile, the Virgo Full Moon gifts us with an eye for details and inner wisdom. Rather than picking other people apart, build them up. It’ll have the side effect of building you up too.

Open Yourself Up to Learning

One of the many perks of those laser-sharp observational powers is that now’s a great time to learn—especially about yourself. Why? Because Virgo’s purpose is to understand how we’re shaped by our worlds and vice versa. As a result, you’ll see your strengths and weaknesses with clarity and know what needs to happen in order for you to grow. In other words, now more than ever, you’re likely to know what you want.

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Don’t Settle

Go for your deepest heart’s desire. Neptune, after all, is the great dreamer and ruler of Pisces (where the Sun currently sits). What better than a Virgo Moon to help steer those dreams towards fruition? A perfect ritual for this Full Moon would be to clean your house—from the inside out!

“Astrology reveals your aspirations and goals, talents, hopes and wishes, as well as your challenges en route to your goals. ” – Psychic Sonja ext. 5071

24 thoughts on “Full Moon Forecast for February 2013

  1. kerry donovan

    Dear Kathy-

    You were being facetious, right? You were/are commenting on other people’s posts.
    You should really edit your own comments more thoroughly prior to posting..

    In your first sentence (?) for example, you state that people may be more inclined to accept “these comments if the writers editted their them.” You DID mean “edited them”, right?….because what you wrote was NOT grammatically correct at all.

    You have several other errors that are very plain to see, but the most glaring is that you called this website California Physics-get it? It is California Psychics.

    A few words of advice-you can/we can all edit OURSELVES prior to posting by utilizing spell-check, grammar-check, and so on.

    Good luck. People who live in glass houses…….:)

  2. ola

    this message is for dora,my dear plz never give up on love,its the most natural thing to do,without it we are nothing.have hope,all the best,

  3. Sandra

    George Grund,
    Nepal is a very nice place. Kathmandu is spiritual and a very nice place to live. There are enough tourists/foreigners and locals to have a nice mash of everything. I found it to be a very romantic place to visit. At one point, I could have seen myself at least living there for a year. I am sorry to hear about your brother dying from ALS. My father just died 3 months ago from it. It was a very terrible disease to have to watch someone dying from. Just know that he is now free and in a better place.
    Sadness and depression, as well as frustration and stress robs one of their health. Having joy and being joy creates a body free of dis-ease. Follow your heart and go to Nepal. Perhaps you will find your happiness there should you be willing. It is a perfect time/opportunity to go. Follow your heart. Blessed be.

  4. Kathy

    I have a suggestion for improvement in this section: I believe that people may be more inclined to accept these comments if the writers editted their them. Tatz (first comment), I’m sorry to tell you that in just 7 1/2 lines, you managed eleven (11) grammatical errors. It’s hard to take someone seriously, when they cannot (or do not care enough to) write proper English. Perhaps, California Physics could edit the comments prior to posting them.

  5. tatz

    There is a branch of science – Metaphysics which deals with your connections to everything. it is so broad but you can start with your questions. man is powerful because he can think and thoughts are powerful. Things on earth, in one way or another affects anyone because we are living in a field of energy, our universe is a vibrating one. but because each person has power you have the control to whether you wanted to react or not at all (and therefore not affected). Your beliefs are what makes you who you are. But again everything is interconnected. we are all in one circle of life…

  6. Rocco Vicenti

    Where is the proof that any object in the universe has an affect on my thoughts, dreams, or aspirations. What is the scientific connection? What is the spiritual connection? Can any of this be proven?

  7. JCosta

    This is for DORA. I am a Leo too. I do understand the pain you have endured… But don’t give up! Just don’t! When you least expect it… There he is.. the right man for you. God Bless.

  8. ferdousi

    Being a vergo,I am so proud that i cant even express myself prpery.Yes,I know what is the meaning of vergo-we are honest,we are more closer to nature than anybody.We ae the people of peace.

  9. Shelalaine M. Curry

    Been taking clas in General Education (GED), and i am hoping to passallte test this year. I would like to know if i can make it this year? so ican start with my dream to take college nxt year..

    Thank you and more power to u.

  10. Dora

    What I dont understand that I never want to look for love cause i didnt wnt to get hurt. I hated man at one point cause of the experient that i saw at my home with brothers and father how he treat my mother and my brothers the way they treat their wife. It wasnt until my mother passed away when I realize that i need to find someone to be togrther when i would need someone. I am sick and sometime I cant walk I have fibromaylia and lupus.One day I fell for this man I believe him love me he would tell me every chance he could and I believe i him. until one time his mother told me he was cheating . I approach him and the stupid ass hole didnt say anything and took off and came back to tell me that the reason he did it was his sister had told him I was talking about his sons. That was a lia. I hate him and he got married to the whore and bitch he made her a honory woman. He has hurt me so much you cant imagine.The problem is I cant forget him. Why I dont know maybe I truely honestly loved him and he broke my heart in pieces and now he is very happywith her we were very happy too but dont really know what happen. Can you help me understand.I dont want to know about man any more I rather live alone that a cheater and a lair.

  11. Vasu Krishnan

    I’ve tried half a dozen times to make telephonic contact from India,but for some reason am unable to get through on my free reading.
    Maybe there is an alternate number.
    Regards and good wishes,

  12. Linda

    I became widowed in 2010 after being married 34 yrs. Just recently, After 2 years I left an older man of 16 yrs my senior that I was living with and whom I am in love with. Reasons 1)he did not want to marry me or bestow any financial means to me at his death 2) he hates it when I spend time with my 6 adult children 3)he won’t travel with me.
    So my actions rocked/reasons rocked his world and now he of course promises me his undying love and that he has been wrong and that we can work all of this out. So for the last 2 weeks we have really been communicating and I feel so different about everything and I want to at the same time walk away and stay. So we both agreed we are at crossroads and so this being a time of interspect, I ask for any advice. He says he realizes he is dead inside without me and that he never thought he could love so much and that he was scared before but now wants to be brave like me and take on the best relationship ever as we are both seniors. My biggest fear is that I might be wasting what is left of my youth and miss opportunities to once in my life do what I want. I don’t want to be alone and that is a fear that I must conquer. I told him I need to go slow on this. He is willing, but he has nothing to lose and everything to gain and I realize that. Can anyone help me during this essential time period. I am indeed cleaning my interior home.

  13. George Grund

    Dear California Psychics,
    Yes this day seems eminent that i change my life. My lease exspires on this day. Also I’m thinking on going to Nepal. I have had cronic Begnin Fasciclation Syndrom for several years now. My borther has died of ALS. I think I was posioned by mercury . I had all my amagums removed and then the failed root canal done last June. This has cost me my life savings and my friends and fmaily as well. Question is am I going to Nepal to die or regain my health? I will call and ask this qiestion? I am very desperat and don’t want any one to get hurt. I don’t drink I don’t smoke I don’t do drugs. I am very sad very alone and very weak.


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