Psychic Josie: You Create Your Own Reality

Sharing Psychic Success Stories With Psychic Josie

Josie ext. 5520 is a fourth generation intuitive who grew up in a family where mysticism was commonplace and psychic abilities were inherited from one generation to another. Initially reluctant to use her gifts, she eventually accepted her intuitive strengths and honed her talents by working with healers, spiritualists and metaphysicians. Josie uses her clairsentient and clairvoyant skills to quickly assess your fears, help you find your truths and sort through life’s issues. As an empath, she is adept at picking up on your feelings; even detecting thoughts you may not recognize you’re having. She will get to the source of those feelings and offer real solutions.

We sat down with her and discussed her successes with clients, and got some great stories!

“I had a client recently who called and was having issues with a horrible smell in her house, where her husband had committed suicide a year before. She couldn’t get rid of it. I explained that it had nothing to do with the actual smell; it wasn’t a real odor. He was trying to contact her, and she was extremely angry. She had erased all his memories, removed everything of his, took down the pictures and done everything she could to erase every memory of him. That anger was keeping him unsettled, and he was trying to reach out and show how much he loved her and that his pain had been too much. He didn’t do it to hurt her. I explained to her that she had to do some sort of reaching out to him, so I asked her to find a picture, bring it out, speak directly to him and express her anger. That was OK. I told her that it may take a bit of time but that once she released that anger and forgave him, she would smell flowers and then she’d know it had worked. So she did all that work for a few weeks, and the smell went away, and flowers that her husband had planted were blooming right by the front door and their smell replaced the terrible smell. She was happy and moved on and told me that everything was going well and she was starting to date again. I was very happy with that particular call.

“A gentleman I worked with a year ago had been in a horrible breakup, and couldn’t get over it. He was doing nothing but going to work, coming home and laying on the couch. I explained that he would never be able to move forward. I didn’t see her returning, but if he didn’t learn how to forgive he would never move on. So I did a symbolic release. In a nanosecond we can snap our fingers and we can change, because we are spiritual beings and that goes back to our creator. But unfortunately, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. As long as you can go back through every religious or spiritual belief, there’s always ceremony, and people need ceremony and ritual. Humans require a physical act to go along with their emotional ties. Cleanse your soul. I encouraged him to take out a piece of paper to do a ceremony. I tell people to write down their name, close their eyes, feel the anger, feel the pain, and then move to the next person. Most of the time it’s not just this person, it’s a vibration you’ve put out. It’s a pattern; people doing the same thing over and over again. We’re sending a signal. Once you’ve written it down and felt the emotion, do something ceremonious. Burn it in the fireplace, turn it into confetti, bury it in the backyard. Whatever. It’s a symbolic gesture that you are done with this. Say whatever feels good to you: I release this. This will not be projected into future relationships. I’m done with this.

“I felt that there was a new energy right on the outskirts, on or around Jan 3. I told him that within that time period he would come across somebody. I told him it’s very important you don’t sit around on the couch. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps, or you’ll miss this opportunity. This person you’ve crossed paths with in the past, but you don’t know them well. You had an attraction but didn’t date. I felt there was a great geographical distance between them. Literally two weeks after he did his release, his buddy called him to come and see him, and he went and didn’t even get through his first beer and there was a lady sitting there. They recognized each other. She ended up being a colleague from several years ago in another state. She was in town for business. They talked about looking at each other but not being introduced to each other. He called to say they spent the weekend together and were now communicating long distance. Two months later he called me for a final time to tell me they were crazy about each other and that if he hadn’t listened and got off the couch he probably never would have seen her again.” What can Josie ext. 5520 see for you? Call and find out!

3 thoughts on “Psychic Josie: You Create Your Own Reality

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500

    This is very true…I believe in this mysef.

    We are the masters of our own destiny, only thing though, one needs to first conquer their fears first, and believe that they have that ability within themselves.

  2. arnold

    FFor 7 yrs been struggling in health and luck do you see any light for me,
    Had a quad heart surgery an eye operation and now twisted and fracture my foot.
    Is there any hope.


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