Are You Compatible to Date and Love a Scorpio ?

If you are looking at starting to date or are falling in love with a Scorpio there are some things you should know.

Are You and Scorpio a Match?

While Scorpio would be fine dating just about every sign in the zodiac and they probably wouldn’t mind getting intimate with any of them either, when it comes to a solid relationship they require more depth than a 14-inch mattress. If you are thinking about dating a Scorpio and need some advice, call one of our psychics today.

If you date or love the intuitive Scorpio, you will soon find out that Scorpios go deep in the emotion department. In order for them to be sure that you’re relationship material they may push your buttons once they’ve figured them out, just to see how feisty you can be. That may seem sneaky to some, but until they’ve seen all of you they won’t feel comfortable showing all of themselves, and they want to.


Water and fire signs can generate some real steam. Aries won’t stand still and Scorpio likes the chase. A good sexual match, but relationships take work.


Taurus gives Scorpio the kind of stability and loyalty that Scorpio craves. Both can be stubborn and like having it their way, but home is a comfortable and passionate place to relax.


Scorpio may have met his mental match with Gemini, and Scorpio certainly admires Gemini’s energy. If it’s working, this is a powerhouse couple, but if it’s not, things could explode and erupt. Do you feel like things are about to explode or erupt? Well, Psychic Justine ext. 5402 can tell you what’s ahead for your relationship.


Both of these intuitive water signs can fall deeply in love, but Scorpio’s sharp sting can wound Cancer’s more sensitive side. Cancer should know the power they wield and not let Scorpio intimidate them.


Both Leo and Scorpio are skilled at getting what they want. This may be a constant test of wills unless someone concedes or backs down. If it’s a Leo man and a Scorpio woman, this is less likely to happen.


Though Scorpios tend to be more emotional than Virgos can bear, they have a deep respect for each other. They fall under each other’s spell quite easily.


When it comes to passion and sexual encounters, Libra easily succumbs to Scorpio’s mastery. This is a passionate couple that can make their differences their strong point.


When Scorpio meets Scorpio it can be a perfect storm. They have loads of sexual tension and fiery passion, but they wound each other deeply in battle. They need common goals to go the long haul.


Dating can be exciting and sex can be exhilarating, but Scorpio wants to be connected to their lover and Sagittarius wants to roam free, making Scorpio jealous and suspicious.


This couple may enjoy a fun dating life, but their personal agendas may cause some grief for both sides. Capricorn may be too independent for Scorpio’s long-term needs.


Scorpio loves the freakier, sexual side of Aquarius but Aquarius loves to be free and in a relationship too much freedom can leave Scorpio feeling unsure and insecure which they don’t relish.


Mutual attraction, both physical and intuitive, makes this a perfect water world of dating. Scorpio has to show commitment to the relationship and Pisces needs to speak up when they’re unhappy.

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  1. Annu

    I am very upset & disheartened with my relationships… I am purely looking at love and marriage ??? Will i ever get their!!!
    Pls help me…

  2. Constance Fritz

    having serious issues with my spine. i have 3 children, all adult & educated, but will not
    connect with me and just be concerned about my health. i have not done anything to upset them as far as i know. have had surgery & not one of them comes or calls me. what can i do to get them to at least respond to small notes i send to them to “keep us all in a loop”, especially my daughter is the worst. make no demands on them except to communicate with me. have any answers????


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