Scorpio’s Passions

What Drives the Mysterious Stinger—in Bed and out!

Known as the zodiac’s most passionate (and potentially poisonous) sign, Scorpio is intense, sexy and sometimes downright impenetrable. If you do manage to scratch the surface, however, what you’ll find may surprise you. Though cool and calculating are words that may come to mind when you think of this stinger, Scorpios are also warm, wise and intensely loyal to those they love. They feel deeply and are driven by desire. But what do they desire most?


Not fans of frivolity, Scorpios seek out people with whom they feel a deep and intimate bond. In other words, they want friends and lovers who are willing to plumb the depths of the universe in search of meaning. Philosophical conversation is never lost on a Scorpio, nor is the exploration and/or experience of art, music, literature or political discourse with like-minded people. Is it vanity to want to stare in the mirror so lovingly? Perhaps. But more so than an actual doppleganger, what the stinger seeks is stimulation.


Often associated with sex, it is true that Scorpio is a highly sexual being. But not just any sex will do, nor will any partner for it. In fact, when faced with vanilla or nothing, Scorpio is more likely to be celibate than most. Why? Just as they crave an intense intellectual connection, Scorpios expect sex to be primal. Even their one-night stands are intensely intimate. Famed fans of kink, what actually brings out Scorp’s desire isn’t the whip itself (or the chain or the latex), it’s the act of being desired. That’s why they’re so adept at bringing others’ fantasies to life.

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Scorpio is the one sign who actually enjoys being broken down—in order to build themselves back up again. A particularly evolved stinger in the pits of depression can see through their own veil of sadness, straight through to the heart of the change that is occurring within. Defenses are being broken down, outdated patterns eradicated; all in the aim of restoring them to their best, most capable self. Does this mean Scorpio is passionate about sadness? Not exactly. They’re passionate about feelings in whatever form they come. It’s what makes them masters of transformation.

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  1. Tammy

    Holy Cow!!!! This article of knowledge is very valuable in helping understand more about me and issues I have experienced throughout my life. Thank you for this wisdom!!!!

  2. Kallista, ext. 9623

    Great job, S.K.! “Stinger.” I like that. You always write the best articles, and I really appreciate all you give. Blessings to you!


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