Increase Your Romance Quota

Keep it Strong

Let’s face it, life can be a whirlwind at times and you may not always remember to put romance at the top of your to-do list. Love is a beautiful thing and if you have it, then you probably want to keep it strong. Even the most solid relationships can fizzle in the romance department and there comes a time when you need to put it ahead of your other responsibilities and daily activities.

The effects of a stressful job, taking care of young children, an overload of chores or illness may contribute to a lack in the romance department, but don’t worry, romance is not dead. A solid relationship is based on never-ending improvement and constant effort from both partners. Romance may come and go and sometimes it may feel as though it will never return, but you can use some of these tips to raise your romance quota and spice up your relationship once again. Psychic Saphira ext. 5243 has even more tips to spice up your love life! Call her and take your love to the next level. 

A Romantic Escape Can do Wonders

The stresses of home and the regular hum drum of routine can steal romance from your daily lives. Why not take a vacation together and relax on smooth and silky white beaches, wade in crystal blue waters and dine under the stars? You can increase your romance quota greatly if you escape together, away from cell phones, TV, job stress and more. Even if you book a mini vacation just outside of your town you both will feel the much-needed freedom you need to relax and unwind together.

Small Touches Can go a Long Way

Sometimes it is easy to forget just how much a gentle caress can mean to your partner. If you have forgotten lately, reach out! Partners who connect with each other by simple, loving touches usually have a stronger bond between them.

Couples Who Play Together Stay Together

If you are looking to spice up your relationship and improve the romance factor, play games. We don’t mean mind games, folks. Just simple, romantic games that involve expression, action and thoughtfulness. Some ideas that come to mind are sexy Scrabble, Bliss—The Game for Lovers, Sexy Monopoly, light role playing and Truth or Dare for couples who want to mix it up a bit.

Quality Time Minus the TV

Try spending some time away from TV, video games and computers. Go out for a nice, long walk together, hand in hand and talk about what’s on your mind. Couples that put aside some time for each other tend to have a stronger bond, so make an effort to get away from technical devices and other distractions and spend some quality time together. Learn to put your tech. devices aside and focus on the lover in front of you with help from Psychic Josslyn ext. 5470!

Surprise Them With a Candlelit Dinner

It may seem cliché, but candles, a scrumptious home-cooked meal and loving company never grow old. Make your partner their favorite meal and surprise them when they come home from work. Turn down the lights, turn off the TV and cell phones and spend the evening communicating like two old friends.

It’s never too late to get the romance flowing again in your relationship. All you need is a few tips to get you on your way to a more loving relationship full of bonding, friendship and intimacy.

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