Psychic Amanda: Get Your 2012 Shift Together

It’s Time to “Get Your Shift Together”

We’ve heard plenty of talk about the end of the world arriving in 2012. We’ve watched countless movies, read and heard ubiquitous predictions of the end approaching, and here we are now, only a few months away from “ The End.” Based on our scientific knowledge, Armageddon isn’t going to arrive at year’s end. We are, however, entering into a new planetary consciousness, and there is something you can do right now to affect your own reality. Be a part of this shift by becoming present to your own thoughts and aware of collective conversations happening around you. Become a powerful contributor to the newly emerging energy shift already happening on the planet by being mindful of your thoughts and your conversations with yourself and others.

Become the benefactor of health, happiness, wealth and success and live the life of your dreams and desires. Get your “shift” together. Begin to contribute and benefit from the newly emerging consciousness happening around us. We know that we are all energy beings—science has proven that. We are learning that our thoughts become matter. It is time to pay attention to what we as a society and a culture collectively think and speak, and to realize that our thoughts impact our lifestyles and the economic situation around us.

If you think back over the past few years, we have collectively been speaking about the “problems with the economy.” This conversation was everywhere. It was in TV ads and magazine ads, and even your closest friends probably began their conversations with “well, in this economy….” Yet there are people thriving beyond belief in “ this economy” and the reasons for it: they did not believe in the collective agreement that times were bad. They followed their own beliefs and their own visions and created health and wealth around them.

We are on the verge of a new and expanding consciousness. Major shifts are taking place. Old structures no longer supporting the new way of thinking will fall away and new structures will take their place. Where you stand in all of this depends on your thoughts and the actions you take regarding your thoughts.

If you believe that bad is going to happen to you and that things just can’t get better, your thoughts are on the lower end of the frequency scale, and since “water seeks its own level” and “like attracts like,” you will unfortunately continue to wallow in the swamp of your own creations. So, how do you begin to make the shift into the new consciousness and the shift into having and being all that you desire? You declare that you are “willing to do what it takes” to make the shift. The mere declaration of being willing to make this shift and change will bring about new thoughts and new actions.

When the new thoughts occur, follow these thoughts with the actions they inspire. If you shrug them off, and follow the habitual thoughts of the past, you will continue to have more of what you have. There is no space for a miracle in that scenario. If you are willing to become the observer of your self-talk and what actually comes out of your mouth in conversations with others, you will identify where on the energy spectrum you are located. You may believe that you are optimistic, until you hear yourself saying to someone “This is just such a lousy day.” That isn’t exactly being the optimist.

As we continue to observe, monitor and shift our thoughts to what we want and the way we envision our life to be, the results will soon follow. Sometimes it’s difficult to go from a place of being resigned and cynical to a place of happiness. Here is where thoughts of gratitude assist in making the shift to higher frequencies. Being grateful and appreciative of even the smallest blessings in your life allows the universe to align with the new energy you put forth.

This is the greatest moment in the history of our planet to align yourself with the new shift in consciousness. Isn’t it time you “got your shift together”?

4 thoughts on “Psychic Amanda: Get Your 2012 Shift Together

  1. Cody

    “The mere declaration of being willing to make this shift and change will bring about new thoughts and new actions.” Oh the power of our declaration! Making an oath, having integrity, being our true self. Love this!!

  2. sudershan tingni

    Hi Amanda,

    Thanx for the wonderful and simple advice. I fully believe in what u ve said in ur article. I am sure all who read this will surely benefit and have blissful life ahead.

    thanx again

    Sudershan tingni


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