How to Open Up to Receiving Love

Learning to Receive the Love the Universe is Sending You

Everybody wants to find love. We put ourselves through incredible stresses looking for it. We spend huge amounts of money on clothing, exercise, makeup, jewelry and anything and everything we can find to make ourselves look more physically appealing. We struggle up the social and economic ladders in the hopes that we will be higher in standing, and therefore more worthy of love.

But often we might be missing the point completely. In fact, love might already be all around us. We just might not be open to seeing it, or open to receiving it, even if it’s right there, knocking on our door and asking to be let in. In fact, as strange as it sounds, receiving love may be one of the most difficult things for people to do. The intensity with which people push away love when it shows up can be extreme. But why do we do this when “all you need is love”?

“Love is the greatest power of all,” says Psychic Chastity ext. 5403. “It conquers every worry, every fear, every guilt. It’s the highest vibration. It helps you when you live in that plane of love for yourself and others. Positive things just happen for you. Life is just much, much happier, smoother, easier, and paths that should open open for you.”

So how do we begin to open to love? The best place to begin is to become open to accepting love from Source, or the universe. Allow the universe to give you everything that it’s trying to, and that you might be pushing away either because you have a different image in your mind of what your life is “supposed” to be, or because you’re afraid of it when it shows up.

Psychic Spencer ext. 5643 offers this advice: “There’s no reason for fear of any kind. Fear holds us back. It’s such a shame. We’re wired for love, happiness, success and fabulous lives here on this planet, and then we go muck it up, based on fear and poor choices. We make life hard and miserable, and those are choices. We don’t have to choose that. We don’t have to go that way. We all can have happiness fairly easily. But we get in our own way. I help people dissolve the barriers they put up for themselves.”

Perhaps next we can look into our lives for people we are trying to give love to, but who aren’t open to receiving it. Very often, these “difficult” people can act as mirrors to us—showing us what we are doing and giving us a critical chance to see our own resistances to love. At the same time, while they may mirror us, we still need to be clear about our boundaries.

It might be an old cliche, but learning to love yourself really is the biggest step one can take towards gaining love. When you love yourself, you are more likely to resonate with the love around you that others are trying to give you. This is an important lesson for anybody to learn in their life.

“For me, one of the biggest rewards a psychic can receive is to watch a client step into a place of empowerment and self love,” says Psychic Rowan ext. 5423. “My mission is to bring people into harmony with themselves. I want everyone to literally fall in love with themselves. We are all interconnected and divine beings, worthy of love, and that love is the building block of creation. So as much as you can work towards loving yourself and those around you, you are also working towards healing the world.”

If we’re feeling that we’re not receiving the love we need, we can give more love to the people around us. This can begin a magical chain reaction that can bring more love back to us. “Giving is a wonderful thing,” says Quinn ext. 5484. “Giving with the right attitude will keep the flow of whatever you give coming back around.”

And finally, we need to make sure we are giving a clear signal to the universe that we want love.

“It’s about asking for what you need and then allowing yourself to receive it,” says Colette ext. 5035.

3 thoughts on “How to Open Up to Receiving Love

  1. Tracy

    My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 11 years. We were friends for ten years before we got together. We used to get along really well, but lately we’ve been arguing a lot. We have talked about getting married before, but that is all the further we got. He says that he wants to marry me, but he hasn’t really proposed or even bought me a ring yet. His father told me once that he would never make a commitment or marry me and now I’m beginning to think that he was right. I love him a lot and always try to show it, but for some reason he has a problem showing his love for me. I want more than I am getting from this relationship, you know, romance, passion but for some reason he has a problem being romantic. I guess he is too MACHO to be romantic. I feel like all we are is friends with benefits. Should I give up or keep trying?

  2. Terry Lyn

    Go tell it to a skinny Blond! Ugly women women like me (one who isn’t skinny or blond,) don’t stand a chance because gentlemen prefer Blondes! P.S., (sarcastic) Tank you for NOT anwering my e-mail!!!!!!


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