Psychic Pilar: Live in the Present

How are You Going to Do it Differently?

I’ve learned that replaying your past mistakes or missed chances isn’t going to propel you forward, regardless if it’s in your relationships, your job or any part of your life. Instead of finding solutions and making choices that move you forward, you’re stuck in the past. And fear of the future keeps you from making any decisions in the present. So you’re just standing still. It’s sorta like being on a treadmill. You get a great workout, but you don’t really go anywhere.

Psychic Pilar ext. 5677 says, Yesterday doesn’t count, and tomorrow doesn’t matter yet. What are we going to do today and how are we going to do it differently?” It’s what you do today, at this moment, that will set you up for the future steps you’ll take. What do you want to do today? Talk with Pilar to see what options are real possibilities for you.

Pull it Together

Recently, I learned what it means to pull it together and live in the present. My dog was dying. He had cancer. My husband called me at work to say our dog wasn’t doing well and that it might be time to “you know.” I dashed out of the office with tears streaming down my face. My best furry friend of 14 years was going to leave this world sooner than I had planned.

I felt myself drift into the future and imagined what it felt like without him. What would I say to my family and friends? I felt that future pain now. But what good was it to feel pain now when it wasn’t happening at this moment? I pulled myself back to the present—not denying my potential emotions and not disregarding what was about to happen. Then I felt myself drift backwards in time. I remembered the adventures I had with my dog. Again, I felt the pain of his future absence, and again I felt the tears welling in my eyes.

None of this was getting me home safely (I still had a 30-minute drive in LA traffic)! As I learned over the next 24 hours, being present meant seeing things as they are, not as I wished them to be. Have you ever found yourself playing stories of how you think things will turn out? Does it help you achieve what you want?

Don’t Settle for Less. You’re Worth More.

The same idea can be applied to your job or relationship. If you’re not getting what you want out of your job or your relationship, you’re stuck. You may think you can’t move forward. You may settle for the situation you’re in, because you may not see any options. Your vision might be clouded by assumptions, emotions or the belief you can’t do something.

Pilar shows people how to make choices that opens new possibilities. She wisely says, “‘I can’t’ is not in our vocabulary.” It may be that you don’t know how to do something at this time. That doesn’t mean you will never know how to do something. You just need to look at the situation differently and figure out what tools you need to move ahead.

Pilar looks at what got you stuck and how to release yourself from it. She looks at your situation, connects to your spirit guides and looks down your path ahead. When we project into the future (or even look at past events) our vision may be clouded by emotion. The best part is, she’s not emotionally attached to your future and can see clearly what’s ahead. What can Pilar see for you today? Call her and find your path ahead.

22 thoughts on “Psychic Pilar: Live in the Present

  1. farshid

    There is an idiom which means”Tomorrow is mystery yesterday is history but today is gift that is why we say present” enjoy yourself today and do not worry about tomorrow

  2. Cynthia Namaro

    Hi there
    I am a teacher, but for the last five years I have not been able to obtain a stable permanent teaching position. I have been doing substitute teaching and short contracts with adult students as an ESL and or College instructor, when what I really want is to teach kindergarten or elementary school children. During the last five years I have at times been without any employment at all and have had many financial problems and worries. This is crazy because I have lots of experience and I am highly qualified. I am planning to take a course which will enable me to work as an elementary music teacher,but am afraid I will not get hired
    Thank you
    Confused and afraid

  3. Dr.Krushna Chandra Dalai

    Sir, it is my indeed pleasure to send an email but real problem is i am trying for a job last one year and not getting any result or response only commitment we will think later on by the authority. so i am in believing such words and waiting what i have to do in this moment to get result very soon. for which act of kindness i remain grateful.

  4. Monalisa

    It is always my past and the future that has always worried me. But with this article I have got a breakthrough of never to settle for less instead I will aim for high. Life isn’t been good for me on Relationship issues but I hope for the best for I am doing just fine at present the future will perfectly take care of itself. Present is what I have control on but not my past anymore. Well please keep up with such articles.
    Thank you

  5. Randy

    After 33 yrs I can still see her face and memories that want go away. I ws married twice since and at 55 I think I will take things 1 day at a time even though my horospe and readings talk about someone from my past, it’s not her she has been gone for 4 yrs. Killed on anew Harly she never made it home on. went through a windshield. I have early dentia maybe in time this will finally be gone. Short term memory is.

  6. Linda Gallison

    Thank You for your article. It really hit home today. (Maybe because it is my birthday?) I am struggling in my present from my loss’s in my past. This will help for me find direction in my present.

  7. Siamak

    I wish to congratulate you on your wisdom. If you can sense this through your psychic powers, please be kind of enough to answer these questions for me. If I am satisfied, I will call you.

    1. I have written a novel, and I am going to make some changes to it, and then look for a publisher. Can you tell me what, if anything will happen if this novel get published?
    2. I have an aunt and a cousin who live in France. Can you tell me what will their lives look like in 2013?

  8. Mary

    Psychic Pilar: Live in the Present (Blog)

    Thank you so much, this blog really helped me see THE NOW and focus on the present. The past is gone and the future has so many rewarding opportunties waiting on me. Thank you so much for this blog, it helped me GREATLY regardless if things are not going my way at this moment. Letting go of my past and patiently waiting for my future. 🙂

    Much Luv,


  9. paul bradshaw

    if you cannot trust who you are with…then, there is nothing left.!! be it love or business. it’s time to start walking. hope this helps you?

  10. joanne garcia

    I am in a relationship and I know in my heart that I need to get out of it because I do not trust my partner. I need help getting out of it.

    This is for Psychic Pilar….

  11. joanne garcia

    I am in a relationship and I know in my heart that I need to get out of it because I do not trust my partner. I need help getting out of it.

  12. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Nice article , Holly

    I agree, being present in the moment is important, because what you do today , shapes your tomorrow.

  13. Jodi

    What am I here for , what’s my future , I think my husband lies to me cause i feel he’s with someone else , so lies to me about it

  14. Nicola Indrieri

    What if at this time I don’t have the option to use a debit or credit-card for method of pay? I really would appreciate the guidance that you provide. However, I’m struggllng in several areas.

  15. virgo

    if i am not living in the present then what do you call things right now as today is the present tomorow is the future and yesterday was the past bye for now and the best of british.

  16. patricia alden mount

    great videos until I can get talk time.
    made appointment and someone named Kurt intercepted phone.
    so I have to wait until they stop intercepting my phone.
    only have text messages so people in the phone booth don’t use it for their calls.
    there isn’t any talk time or voicemail on my phone. someone put voicemail on my phone and other people used it. now they cannot use phone for voicemail or talk time.
    but I can’t call anywhere. they all have their own phones. why are they using mine?


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