Spiritually Confused: Lost Path

Dolores in Warwick, Rhode Island, writes:

Dear Claire,

Thank you for taking the time to help us all on our path to spirituality. Growing up I always felt very close to my Supreme Being. As a child I would ask any question and I would actually get answers from whomever, in my belief that would be God, to the question being addressed. I felt his closeness in my heart and through my entire body but for the past 10 years or so I’ve lost my way and I am having a hard time getting back.

In 1998, I lost my mom and my husband’s mom within two months. Along with losing them, I lost my faith and couldn’t help but feel abandoned by my Supreme Being. These past years have been trying times for me and my family. It seems that anything that could go wrong has gone wrong! I’m trying to find my way back but it has been a slow and trying process. My question is this: “Am I on the right path to spiritual enlightenment”? If there is any advice you can give me? I will be forever grateful. Thank you and God Bless!

Spiritually Stalled in R.I.

Hi Dolores,

It is my honor to be of service. I am a forever student of the universe and I love to share! My answers are based upon my level of understanding at this time.

I am truly sorry for all of the hard times you and your family have endured.

It is my belief that the Supreme Being never abandons us.We may get our side of the window dirty, but he always sees clear. As life happens to us and circumstances are hard to handle, we sometimes suppress our feelings or emotions. When we do this, not only do we ignore our emotions, but we are in state of non-acceptance. It is as if some part of us thinks maybe we can pretend like it never happened. This is truly the source of 99.9% of all emotional pain…non-acceptance and denial of emotions and feelings.

Sometimes, like in your case, things happen so fast we are whirling in the energy. We think we do not have the strength to accept it as it comes. When this happens, it seems like we will never get out of the chaos. Grief has many levels and when it comes at us fast it’s a lot to take in and process. It takes time to get through all the stages. I feel you are off to a very good start — guidance returning to you. I do believe you will get your guidance back as you come to accept what life has dealt you.

Life has to be accepted. Sometimes it’s hard to believe, let alone accept what has happened to us. I can not stress this enough. Without exception, every single thing that happens to us must be accepted and experienced. Until it is, we carry it with us…literally, we carry it in our energy field. (aura) Until we experience the emotion we attract situations over and over again that make us feel the same way.

Non-acceptance and burying our emotions deep inside causes thin layers of slower moving energy to build up over the energy centers known as chakras. We slowly place layer after layer like pages in a book. With each layer the guidance becomes a little fainter. That is why it is so important to accept the things that happen to us in life. No one says you have to like it, but you do have to accept it happened and you have to feel how it made you feel inside. It is there waiting for you, it is inside of you, waiting to be felt.

Each adult has the potential to once again experience life like a child. Acceptance and experiencing emotions of the past removes layers that are placed on our energy centers. This alone makes a clear channel to hear Divine guidance. They just seem to fall away, allowing us to live each new experience without any comparisons to the past. It allows us to see all the opportunities before us.

When we forgive, acceptance has come, emotions are felt, and we are no longer carrying the remnants of yesterday with us. We are able to embrace tomorrow anew. The emotions literally dissipate as we experience them. It’s the thoughts that cause us pain! The feeling of different emotions is not what hurts, it’s the thoughts that go along with them. There’s hardly any difference between the feelings of extreme hate and extreme love…it’s the thoughts and beliefs we attach to each emotion that makes them seem so different. The “meaning” is very different but the feelings are almost the same.

I really hope this helps you and you have many happy and Divinely guided tomorrows!

In love and light,


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